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Foreign exchange investment finance foreign exchange investment seven iron laws

  • 2023/2/24 22:30:18
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If the success rate of speculation forex cashback">forex trading session times 10%, the success rate of speculation in foreign exchange is 1%, 10 times more difficult than speculation in stocks This article shares with you the most important seven iron laws that foreign exchange investors must comply with in the process of speculation in foreign exchange 1, do forextradingtime invest too much money at the beginning If your family currently has 500,000 yuan, then it is recommended that you do not invest more than 100,000 yuan and, you should always abide by if the loss, do not inject money again you think about 100,000 are not playing well, 500,000 you will not be able to play more people once invested more than the heart can afford the money, like playing ball, all the technology will be deformed these money must have this idea, all the losses, it does not matter, but if it is life-saving money, to the childrens milk powder money, pension money, money borrowed, it is still Forget it 2, firmly set a stop-loss level recommended that each loss of up to 3% of the total funds, so that is not all at once be wiped out by the market can have a number of opportunities to turn defeat into victory but the reality is that many people set a stop-loss level, see almost to the stop-loss level, he will have a change in the stop-loss level, the stop-loss is expanded to 5%, 10%, 20% ....... Foreign exchange loss is a common thing, stop loss set up, to firmly implement 3, to day trading because it is a small capital, in order to quickly accumulate funds, the inevitable will be based on day trading, is ultra-short or short otherwise, it is a waste of these advantages of foreign exchange, including leverage, T + 0 and so on day trading to heavy trading, such as more than 70% of the position, but not It is recommended that the full transaction, the reasons for which will be said separately never to me, I play long term ah, what swing ah, short term you are not doing well, how to play long term, if you play long term, you can afford if you full trading 2 trading days can lose all this adjustment?  4, never overnight heavy trading since it is intraday, so never overnight heavy, close the position before closing, this is the discipline of intraday trading especially if the day is not profitable and also loss of single, you can not overnight, do not have illusions, think about it, if there is any important news tomorrow, the market is moving in the direction of your disadvantage, such as the opening of a word up, and you are short, this Open, you will lose at least 50% or more, you do not even have the opportunity to stop loss, if three consecutive stop, then you will completely hang not to say that this situation is not common, even if the probability of 1%, a return you will die even if there is a substantial profit single, overnight trading position should not exceed 20% to be in awe of the market at all times 5, to establish their own trading system short term trading must Have to look at the chart work trading system to establish a trading system, the key is the execution of the front I have a blog post called the ultimate secret of long-term profitability in the market, there are two of them: the heart is no more than short not to predict, comply with the system never violate In fact, these two are very difficult to do, I sometimes violate, but a violation of these two the market will give me a lesson, it will lose money, so I am now almost by the chart, so The win rate to reach more than 90% of this short term trading system is based on four time periods, daily, 60 minutes, 15 minutes, 3 minutes chart will later talk about this trading system 6, after the completion of the daily transaction to write the transaction diary after the daily transaction, it is recommended to write a transaction diary to record each specific transaction, and then analyze why it is not right to open a position in this place, is not just to see the 3 minutes chart without the 3 minutes chart. Is it just to see the 3-minute chart without looking at the 60-minute chart, is it the 60-minute extension of the next pen, but to grab the 3-minute rally went, so it lost money this place why it is wrong to close the position, is it early to close, is it the heart of some operation level below the fluctuations scared, afraid that the profit will spit out, so, see the good and close this place why the position was opened profit, this technique This place is not a standard buy and sell point model, after the emergence of such technical buy and sell points, will not be able to see at a glance these trading diary must insist on writing, if there is no time, on the drawing diagram can also this will substantially improve your trading ability 7, you have to crazy to love this work to speculate in foreign exchange as their own work, must be crazy to love this work, otherwise, you must do Not good you think about what you are in the market and some people gaming and gambling, these people are more educated than you, the capital is your N times