Foreign exchange investment is not a kind of gambling

  • 2023/2/24 22:47:06
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  In the foreign exchange forextrad cashback forexgtime, we can often see forex trading session times hear about speculation in foreign exchange forextradingmarket equal to gambling remarks, and even a lot of so-called experts and scholars also agree with such views Obviously, these remarks not only greatly hurt peoples enthusiasm for investment, but also seriously hampered the popularity and development of financial investment in the country Admittedly, investment is indeed also a kind of risk If we equate the two, we cannot explain why casinos and financial markets exist at the same time. Why the momentum of the development of the financial market and the scale of the absorption of funds is much higher than the casino, why there will be more and more people will personal wealth into the financial market rather than the casino … … as an important part of the global financial market, the foreign exchange market is also the same as the stock market, commodity futures market, attracting the attention of the international big money in 2007, the foreign exchange daily trading volume of more than 3 trillion U.S. dollars, is the worlds largest trading volume, the most active financial markets, more and more institutions and natural persons began to engage in foreign exchange margin trading Imagine, if the foreign exchange market is a gambling game, the worlds major investment banks, securities companies and professional industry elite and how to get involved in this field? You know, the safety of their funds in the casino is not any guarantee, and the casino rules of the game and profit model is simply not suitable for the operation of these funds for a long period of time According to the observation, the vast majority of people who equate the investment market with gambling are the losers who have suffered major setbacks in the investment process Of course, their chagrin is understandable, after all, losing money will always lead to physical and mental unhappiness, but I still suggest that we should look for more of our own shortcomings from the experience of failure, rather than jumping to blame, because the overall changes in the foreign exchange market is orderly, it is not like the casino is completely controlled by personal will. In summary, financial investment is fundamentally different from gambling, investors should look at the difference between the two with a calm attitude and the right perspective, which also helps us to face the changes in the market more rationally The changes in the market, more scientific prediction of its future direction, and these are the basic qualities of a successful investor to achieve solid profits