Foreign exchange investment is not important to be able to earn how much but how to avoid blowing up!

  • 2023/2/24 22:47:45
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For investors who cashback forex foreign exchange gold trading, the term burst forex trading session times forextradingtime unfamiliar, forextradingmarket even most people have had the experience of bursting, even if they have not personally experienced, there are people around the burst position, so why does forex trading burst, burst is what causes it? Reasons for blowout 1. not set a stop loss 2. blindly follow the single 3. counter-trend 4. frequent in and out of excessive trading 5. positions are too heavy, belonging to the category of excessive trading, which is the main reason for blowout 6. refused to admit fault: once the direction of the wrong, can not be made on the spot, but to carry, until the blowout do financial transactions you can analyze the wrong, you can direction to do wrong, but just can not not comply with the direction of the transaction discipline to do wrong can start over. Trading discipline does not comply with you will sooner or later be kicked out of this market, because each traders funds are limited, trading discipline can effectively protect your funds, unless you have unlimited funds, then you are the perpetual winner volatility, excessive emphasis on discipline will lead to rigid, I do not reject inspiration to do a single, but inspiration to operate only limited to short term trading, such as to do medium and long term trading, do not comply with the transaction is I do not reject inspiration to do a single, but inspiration to operate only limited to short-term trading, such as to do medium and long term trading, do not comply with the transaction is not possible  trading market is realistic, do not be emotional, excessive longing for the future as well as reminiscing about the past a person full of fantasy, emotional, very exposed is a wonderful and happy person, but he is not suitable for investors, a successful investor is really can separate his feelings, fantasies and trading only know yourself and your enemy, can not be dangerous, know yourself to understand their own shortcomings Investors need to clearly understand their own character, because people who are prone to impulsiveness or emotional tendencies are not suitable for this investment successful investors can control their emotions and have strict discipline, to effectively restrain themselves if not able to do, that can also retreat to seek a person to help themselves in a sense, sometimes see the wrong market trend, or into a single sudden reversal of the situation, thus leading to Single is trapped, this is a normal phenomenon, really normal, even the experts are not immune However, in how to make decisions and deal with the aftermath, the most foolish behavior is derived from the psychology of small households Successful investors do not blindly follow the advice of others When everyone is in the same capital position, especially those small investors have followed, successful investors will feel the danger of changing course to do others greed when I fear, others fear when I greed in trading, to fully understand the risks and benefits, the probability of winning and losing money, as well as the prevention of several major problems If there is no an exact understanding of risk prevention, random market transactions, then losing money is inevitable, generally as long as the strict setting of stop-loss and take-profit, light operation, you can control the risk very well if you do not grasp, it is necessary to strictly follow the Previously designed to plan the implementation of the program So, what skills do you need to have in foreign exchange investment? What is the method to avoid blowing up positions? First: to understand that foreign exchange investment is a risky investment successful investors, is sure to take the risk into account, so foreign exchange trading requires investors to form their own investment philosophy and operating style how to form it? This requires investors to learn the basics of foreign exchange investment, familiar with foreign exchange trading software, master the most basic investment techniques Second: to improve foreign exchange investment skills need investors to study in depth often used techniques means, here contains the nature of the stock with similar indicators, such as K line, average, MACD, KDJ, Bollinger Bands, support resistance, etc., while often read some foreign exchange investment books, analysis Excellent investors at home and abroad investment approach and investment skills Third: the method to avoid blowing up how to avoid blowing up? First of all, investors are required to seriously analyze the market, ready to judge the bias trend; second is to grasp the buying and selling points, such as the opportunity point is not suitable, it is decisive not to reduce the position; again, is to set up a stop-loss level to be decisive; next, is to maintain an appropriate position, if the funds are not enough or not fully grasp the position should not be crossed; the last point is to do a summary in real time, do not turn the situation that has won into a loss! The last point is to do a summary in real time, do not turn a winning situation into a loss! Fourth: foreign exchange investment repeat loss solution for some of the more active investors in mind, loss is a record of time and experience, of course, for some lazy people, loss is a time to lead to the attack of depression so that, often loss is not a problem, the crux is whether there is no set stop loss and take profit, if in strict accordance with the trading plan, loss will be mastered within the acceptable range second, is to practice internal strength, find a few people to find a few people to take a stop loss and take profit. is hard work, find a few trading indicators, careful study, through the review to feel the application of these indicators third, learn capital management, when to add positions, when to reduce positions, when to close positions, etc. Please adjust your mindset, respect the market, with the trend is always the law of survival, the experience of successful people you feel is the same, and even some you feel is nonsense, you think they must have The secret, in fact, share the secret of success, the so-called heavy sword is not sharp, a big coincidence is this truth Finally, the transaction is completed, but also need to have a trading summary, summarize their successes and failures, successful to learn from experience, failure to summarize the lessons learned, ready for the next transaction