Foreign exchange investment learn to control themselves

  • 2023/2/24 22:51:25
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1, remember that foreign exchange forex trading session times forextradingtime not a two-transaction thing, it is a long-term process, there are a lot of people once made a lot of money, but in the end all back to the market, only committed to the pursuit of a higher rate of success of the transaction can really cashback forex the last laugh 2, as long as they follow their own foreign exchange trading trading plan to do should do the transaction, then congratulate yourself. Feel at ease with the transaction, forextradingmarket do not care whether the transaction is made or lost 3, make money do not be too complacent, lose money and do not be too downhearted try to maintain a balance, their own transactions with a professional point of view 4, do not expect the transaction will certainly be this or that you are looking for is to think deeply about the facts, rather than catching wind 5, always remember, no matter win or lose. Do not blame the market or broker to lose money to provide you with an opportunity to note what went wrong in the transaction do not attack individuals 6, successful traders quantify and analyze risk, truly understand and accept risk from the emotional and psychological acceptance of risk determine your mindset in each transaction individual risk tolerance and trading time preferences, but also make Each trader is different in choosing a trading method that reflects your trading preferences and risk tolerance 7. Never go long just because the price is low or short just because the price is high Never add to a losing order Never lose patience with the market Before making any trade, have the right reasons Remember, the market is always right 8. Market, traders need to pay attention to their own trading methods, likewise, as concerned about the charts and the market as concerned about their own traders face the challenge is: to understand what kind of self, and then firmly and consciously to develop those qualities that are conducive to their own trading success 9, foreign exchange investment to do foreign exchange trading to learn to control their emotions, such as greed, fear are the biggest foreign exchange trading Killer, many people in the talk about the market trend when the understanding is profound, said the head is right, but to the actual battle is full of holes, most of them are trading psychological problems, good foreign exchange trading, the investors biggest enemy is actually the investor himself