Foreign exchange investment loss after the evolution of the mentality

  • 2023/2/24 22:51:58
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  Good at stop-loss talent can do a good job of forextradingtime but why some investors know the forextradingmarket investment forex trading session times wrong, but cashback forex stop-loss? This is related to the mindset of these investors after a loss in different stages of investors, the attitude towards losses is different to mature investors, research shows that the evolution of this mindset largely through denial, anger, self-blame, pessimism and acceptance of the five stages of denial denial is an instinctive self-protection mechanism in the human brain, do not want to be hurt investors in the event of a loss, the first reaction is not want to admit, said Doubt or comfort themselves in the stock market is more typical practice is not to sell after the hedge, not to sell on the loss, I want to do long-term investment value investors, or I want to leave the stock to the grandchildren, etc. In fact, the hedge means that the market value of the stock is less than the capital invested, which is a loss, so these practices are essentially not admit fault, deny the loss, the result is to make things worse anger when the loss is further expanded, the investor Often become hysterical, look at everything, often angry more typical performance is, some people for no reason to vent on their families; some people put the blame entirely on the government, listed companies or bearish market participants, and even scold the government, listed companies or bearish people to vent their anger In fact, investors should remain calm, admit the responsibility of losing money on their own, because no one forced you to buy When you find that denial and anger do not help, some investors finally realize that it is useless to blame others, because the investment behavior is their own decision, so they make a 180-degree turn and start blaming themselves, regretting their investment decisions. Improve their own investment methods, improve their investment skills pessimistic huge losses, or years and months of investment failure, making their own money suffered a heavy blow to the soul, so much so that they have not seen any of their own merits, so the investor will have a serious sense of frustration and loss of confidence, manifested as depression, pessimism and despair, can not get excited about anything, feel the end of the world The imminent future even consider whether they are suitable for investment work, whether to exit the investment field, whether the time has come to wash their hands of gold accept after countless investment failures and summing up experience, and find a suitable investment method, a few mature investors believe that losses are impossible to completely avoid, as long as the loss of a small amount of money to make a lot of money is investment success, so they encounter losses immediately after admitting the fact, or they When they enter the market, they are prepared for the possibility of losses, so they will stop losses in due time according to the situation, so that for them, losses do not cause psychological burden at all. In short, the investor after the above stages of the psychological process, if you can gain valuable experience from it, you can gradually become a mature investor need to point out that the investor can not recognize this process from denial to final acceptance at once, it needs to be repeated several times, in order to mature psychologically