Foreign exchange investment mentality to be good

  • 2023/2/24 22:53:16
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cashback forex exchange forex trading session timesvestment mentality to be good on the Internet to see many people in foreign exchange investment experience, there are successes forextradingtime failures, tend to avoid harm forextradingmarket human instinct and nature then to do what can help us stand the foreign exchange market and not fall? The following sums up the operation of the cross principles for you: 1. light position: people are not rich, horses are not fat without night grass the foreign exchange market seems to have become the hope of many people to get rich many people seem to see only the foreign exchange market windfall, but did not see the huge risks hidden in the market so in the operation of the amount of time to choose the full position trading, and in fact the accumulation of wealth is a little bit of the purpose of the light position is to prevent errors in judgment after causing large losses and Unable to turn around or excessive blow to the individuals mindset caused by the haphazard order personally, forex trading first of all to consider how to survive, rather than get rich overnight just like people, first live and then survive 2. with the trend: first of all, to make the right judgment of the trend to make full use of the 15.30.60-minute chart trend you must always follow the trend like this grab rebound as much as possible do not operate never buck the market operation, hoping to hit the bottom of the rebound if you understand the formation of the potential, but also understand that any process of turning the trend is unlikely to cause the average up angles are first to make this downward or upward average gradually flattened and then turned into another direction Therefore, grab the rebound personal opinion is very bad, do not do the market alien 3. do not greed: life in the world less greed, anger, idiocy and the word greed as the first from the editor of many people Personal experience to see in the process of speculation in foreign exchange, often accompanied by greed and regret profits do not close the position in the hope of greater gains, losses do not stop loss hope that any at the mercy of God foreign exchange real profit is: "countless small losses for a big victory, rather than countless small victories for a fatal loss" when you look at the mountain from a distance, feeling people When you walk to the foot of the mountain and then look at it, it is very different. Similarly, the charts of the various time periods of the foreign exchange is to let you walk into this misunderstanding 25 average in the fifteen-minute chart and the five-minute chart 75 average is the same; the same K line, in the case you do not narrow the chart, the trend of the different time periods will let you puzzled any indicator in different charts to let you see the situation is So, choose your favorite chart to operate the other charts all removed, otherwise it will affect your judgment 4. confidence: the most important thing in foreign exchange operations is confidence, confidence comes from your correct judgment of the market information built on their own really strong want to understand how much the probability of such operations need to be tested on their own operating mode when you operate with tested mode, some Tiny losses you will simply understand the cost because any business under the sun need to cost even if the loss should have the courage to lose, so that is the sign of a mature mindset 5. compound interest: the basis of compound interest is courage, and courage has to build on the confidence of the capital which is also the best combination with a light position to grasp the trend, make their own judgment firm capital belief then you will be the best in the foreign exchange market