Foreign exchange investment must read

  • 2023/2/24 22:55:53
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people can do eve cashback forexyth forextradingtimeg to know engaged in speculation in foreign exchange always face the danger of speculation in foreign exchange to have four elements to succeed: knowledge, the courage to control properly, money forextradingmarket the energy to combine these three properly together the following 30 is the foreign exchange investors in the investment is a must read rules: 1.for your trade to do a good plan; according to your plan to execute the transaction 2. Fear is the speculators two worst enemies 3. Keep a good record of your trading results 4. No matter how much you lose, maintain a positive attitude 5. Dont be overconfident it will become your biggest enemy 6.  8. The most successful traders forex trading session times the ones who do long term trading 9. Successful traders buy on bad news and sell on good news 10. Successful traders are not afraid to buy on the highs and sell on the lows 11. Successful traders plan their time effectively to do market research 12. Successful traders set a target for what they Dont go around asking for advice before you even enter a tradeThe facts are of infinite value and opinions are worthlessSimply put, successful traders are not swayed by other peoples opinions 14.Constantly strive for patience, perseverance, determination and rational behavior 15. nbsp;18. Unless there is a good reason, do not change your position in the market every time you do a handful of transactions, you have to have a reason or a clear plan that can be relied upon; thereafter, unless there is a clear indication of a change in the trend, do not exit 19. lose money can not win, but can make speculators carefully drill to seize every opportunity to lose money and improve your understanding of the behavior of the market  ;20. The hardest task in speculation is not prediction, but self-control Successful trading is tough and vexing trading In the equation of success, you are the most important factor 21. The basic elements of price changes are human emotions panic, fear, greed, insecurity, worry, stress and indecision, which are the main sources of short-term price movements 22. In the end, when the market is at a top, the most people are unanimously long; at a major bottom, few people hold a bullish view 23. Watch out for long-short sets do that is, if the deficit is decreasing, dont be long 24. Remember that a one-month bear market can cost you what you gained in a three-month bull market 25. Find each commodity futures in As conditions change, be prepared to re-evaluate a factor 26. Expand your sources of market information; limit your sources of market opinion 27. Never let a big winning trade turn into a losing trade. There are always dangers in futures trading 29. Trading requires four elements to be successful: knowledge, the courage to control it properly, money, and the energy to put it all together 30.