Foreign exchange traders need to go through several stages see where you have arrived

  • 2023/2/25 2:50:44
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A, somehow make money stage almost all beg cashback forexners, in the first stage forex trading session times somehow profitable because they are at that time a blank sheet of paper, nature according to the so-called "sixth sense" bent to do more or short in the foreign exchange forextradingmarket in accordance with the most rational, the most rational, but also the most objective single-directional approach. The most objective single-directional method of making a single, often with very effective earnings please note! This can be classified as a trading system of a way forextradingtime method, very effective but because it is realized at the beginning of the operation, so more than 90% of traders tend to ignore this fact but people who are interested can go to see a "life gold" movie, in which Liu Qingyun interpretation of a "fool", but at the end of the key to the probability of up and down a direction Brainless buy, or every day is a random direction to choose one into the field, are very effective manipulation method here no longer repeat! Profit and loss is a matter of probability, not a technical problem two, somehow lost money stage when scholars in the hands of a period of extremely smooth after the scales of probability will often begin to adjust, a long or short in the beginning of the probability of experiencing unstable period, will certainly shake this time the trader often open a browser or open a book, to understand what the technology is about however the technology itself for the market understanding is not Clear people, absolutely a huge disaster to the market cognitive deficiencies of traders, the probability of being washed away by the market at this stage is extremely high and the saddest problem is ...... this stage has the potential to be exceedingly long, probably ranging from about two to three years but the scary thing is not the time perception of these two or three years, is that you will be per year Break up into 220 trading days, three years is more than 660 trading days cognitive thing small, experience is big! Plan well to do, the daily ordeal is the most reluctant to face I personally at this stage, every morning close your eyes, are full of screens of k lines and various indicators, in this messy image changes to sleep the next day in a variety of messy stop-loss burst dreams wake up ...... three, stripping subtractive method of the first results of many traders (including me), the In fact, if you have been using a technical indicator to face all the market, at best, you will lose money on one side, (this article is from: Foreign Exchange Academy) But the other side of the money will make up for it, but the general traders loss process is as follows, the consolidation market with trend indicators lost a lot, when he decided to switch to oscillating indicators, the unilateral market launched, thus losing money on both sides IV, recognize the true face of profit and loss this stage is the advanced version of the third stage, the fish and bears paw automatically give up one of them, the whole person has become relaxed, the money to lose to the market, the money to earn The money into the pants pocket from a month to a quarter and then to half a year when the final annual settlement, you find that the end result of the repeated wrestling between profit and loss is that more profit and less loss congratulations, Shen Gong has become! When you insist on two years later, unconsciously want to challenge another kind of market after you enter the fifth stage of the volatile five, indicators disappear, all the bizarre market can not shake your system execution I am basically in this stage, trading software either only appear on the average, or nothing on! You read that right, the k-line is something that has long been deleted I now do transactions more often than not has been a big white board, price trend everything is not important as long as the probability of profit and loss control, will once again be more rational back to the first stage, with probability control to open positions, with profit and loss ratio control to close positions when encountering disorderly consolidation of the market, profit and loss ratio can effectively control the results of the daily entry and exit, in the case of unable to see the direction, the effect When encountering a unilateral market, because the normal unilateral trend is never finished in a day, the same profit/loss ratio in and out can catch up with the market if it encounters an incidental event that causes the market to start and end instantly, there is no pity to put the past think about the 660 trading days, and then think about the next 6666666 trading days, nothing is worth staying and bragging about not looking at data, not listening to Analysis, do not play the mouth, do not do roadshows, and even do not look at the indicators as profitable, the question came to the sixth stage in the end what is it? Sixth, can only be thought of unspeakable market analysis when we look back to the market, we will be surprised to find that, regardless of our profit and loss situation, more than 80% of the market is not adjustable and transformed 1:1:8 profit and loss ratio of rock solid unshakeable, how to earn the remaining 80% of the unlucky eggs of money? Think about it yourself ......