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  The act of forex trading session times between these different currencies forextradingmarket cashback forex exchange, also known as foreign exchange foreign currency is foreign exchange strictly speaking, foreign exchange is the international transaction of payment instruments foreign exchange trading is the exchange of one countrys currency with another countrys currency foreign exchange trading is the simultaneous purchase of a pair of currency combinations in a currency forextradingtime sell another currency foreign exchange is traded in the form of currency pairs The foreign exchange market, also known as the Forex or FX market, is the worlds largest financial market, with an average of more than $4 trillion in funds turnover every day, equivalent to more than 30 times the sum of all securities market transactions in the U.S. In China, for example, the main place to exchange foreign currency is a bank. For example, Xiao Shenyang intends to buy a British kilt to perform at the Spring Festival party he must go to a bank in China and pay RMB for an equivalent amount of pounds Here the pounds are foreign exchange Finally, Xiao Shenyang chose the Bank of China Beijing Wangfujing branch and exchanged 300 RMB for 30 pounds Xiao Shenyang and the Bank of China conducted a foreign exchange transaction between pounds and RMB When exchanging pounds, the exchange ratio between pounds and RMB is the exchange rate, also called the foreign exchange rate is The exchange rate between different currencies, or the price of a currency expressed in other currencies it is actually behind the national economic strength of the competition in foreign exchange trading, buying and selling what?    Quite simply, in foreign exchange trading, the purchase and sale is money! Buy and sell money? It sounds confusing to go to the market to buy spinach, which everyone understands that buying spinach is a visible and tangible business, but this buying and selling of money in forex trading is how it works? When you buy a countrys currency, you are buying shares of that country and buying shares of a listed company, for example, the price of the U.S. dollar is equivalent to peoples expectations of the current and future economic strength of the U.S. When you buy the U.S. dollar, you are buying shares of the U.S. economy. You are confident that the U.S. economy is going to be healthy and grow faster than the market expects, and the U.S. economy is going to do just fine and meet your expectations, so the dollar usually rises and starts to appreciate. We often see currency pair quotes from trading platforms - EUR/USD, GBP/JPY they flash constantly, suggesting that they are active currency pairs So, in the forex market, currency pairs become the object of forex trading People buy and sell these currency pairs! The fluctuations between currency pairs, like an interesting tug of war each currency on one side, riveting tug of war which countrys economic strength, which countrys currency will be the more powerful, the more the opponent pulled staggering between them in and out, the formation of the exchange rate fluctuations foreign exchange through the University of good people wrote an exchange rate limerick, as follows: two currencies are competing, each for the countrys name meet tug of war, Tan Tan phase endure sudden two coins Not all just, a currency body staggering why the force is not as good as, economic things do not help major currency pairs   The following table lists the major currency pairs these currency pairs contain the world currency - the U.S. dollar (USD) major currency pairs contain the worlds most frequently traded currencies, the circulation is very good cross-board currency pairs cross-board, does not contain the world currency - the U.S. dollar where the most actively traded currencies are the euro, the yen and the British pound Euro Crosses   Yen Crosses   Pound Crosses   Other Currency Pairs   Odd Crosses Odd Currency Pairs What are Odd Currency Pairs? Imagine you are suddenly in India, watching the Indian dance show a pair of dancing women light and soft, beautiful and smooth movements, very Indian style you can not look away, immersed in this strange and mysterious dance atmosphere this is very different from your common dance is very new which! Ive never seen it before! You exclaim   In fact, not only dance, in the world of foreign exchange, there are also strange currency pairs strange currency pairs are composed of what currency? Why are they called odd currency pairs? It turns out that the currencies of unfamiliar countries and major currencies combined together, is the strange currency pairs these countries are either emerging countries, just in the international arena for the time being; or is living in a corner of the world, less for the worlds attention, so these unfamiliar countries currency also became the strange currency these strange currencies and major currencies combined, the formation of strange currency pairs look at the following strange currency pairs, you can complete Can you name them all?    The trading volume of odd currency pairs is usually small, and the cost of trading is high, which may be several times that of EUR/USD When trading odd currency pairs, it is important to pay attention to the issue of transaction costs. Later, Hangzhous Jack Ma had a bright idea and launched the online Taobao Mall. With this online mall, department stores had a new competitor. And look at those mavericks after 90, the mouse click a few, beautiful shoes will be sent home This makes the old parents can not understand, what is it? Do not even have to go to the mall, the Internet can be done! The Internet is really great for thunder people! In fact, financial transactions and buy shoes similar reasoning just some terms seem very fancy, let people feel head just here, the editor first said that stock trading stock trading was born in the Netherlands four hundred years ago, when the invention of electronic networks of scientists grandfathers grandfather was not born people have to run to a place called the stock exchange, where to buy and sell shares later this stock exchange invented a series of At the end of the last century, the stock exchange introduced online stock trading, but at heart, it still serves the on-course trading, which means that people do not have to run to the exchange in the wind and rain, but can place orders at home to the exchange. The people of China buy and sell stocks through the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges, the people of the United States buy and sell stocks through the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and other exchanges foreign exchange transactions and stock trading is not the same foreign exchange transactions appeared in the 1970s, when the telephone has emerged, only through the telephone, telex, computers and other equipment, the parties to foreign exchange transactions can form a free market to buy and sell since Electronic devices can easily get things done, it did not choose a piece of land, and then push the bricks and mortar to build a foreign exchange exchange just said, like the online Taobao Mall people bypassed the downtown department stores the same reason, foreign exchange traders also bypassed the exchange, direct online trading foreign exchange mainly with the computer, and occasionally with the phone to place orders because no exchange, foreign exchange trading is also known as over-the-counter this Over-the-counter trading, there is a special term OTC trading (Overthecounter) only through communication equipment and computers, foreign exchange trading 24 hours a day, 5 days a week to buy and sell foreign exchange market every day from Sydney to start trading, as the earth turns, each foreign exchange trading center business day in turn began at present, there are about 30 foreign exchange trading centers in the world in these centers, the number of foreign exchange trading is very large. The number of foreign exchange trading is very large according to the traditional geographical division, can be divided into Asia, Europe and North America three major parts, the most important of which are London, New York, Tokyo, Singapore, Frankfurt, Zurich, Hong Kong, Paris and Sydney, etc. In addition, some emerging regional foreign exchange centers, such as Panama, Cairo and Bahrain, etc., also a large number of emergence, and gradually towards maturity foreign exchange market has become the worlds largest The most popular financial markets according to the Bank for International Settlements statistics in 2010, the daily foreign exchange market trading volume of up to 4 trillion dollars! The following are more than ten of the most active currency transactions  Chart Data Source: Bank for International Settlements 2010 foreign exchange statistics The U.S. dollar is the worlds most traded currency, occupying 89.4% of the volume share The euro is still the second position, occupying 39.1% of the share of the yen ranked third, the share is 19.0% This means that 89.4% of foreign exchange transactions directly using the U.S. dollar. 39.1% of the transactions directly using the euro data again shows that the dollar, the euro and other major currencies are still the main force in foreign exchange transactions in this need to note that each foreign exchange transaction involves the purchase and sale of two currencies, so in the calculation of the share, the need to 200% instead of 100% of the foreign exchange through the editors ramblings assume that the foreign exchange market throughout the year a total of three transactions the first is 100 million U.S. dollars / yuan This transaction volume is included in both the dollar share, but also included in the share of the yuan later occurred 500 million U.S. dollars / yen transactions, this transaction volume is included in the dollar share, but also included in the share of the yen finally is 100 million Swiss francs of Swiss franc / Australian dollar transactions, 100 million Swiss francs of the transaction volume is included in the Swiss franc, but also included in the Australian dollar at this time the dollar / Swiss franc exchange rate is 1:1, using this exchange rate, 100 million Swiss francs of the transaction volume Equivalent to 100 million U.S. dollars of transactions throughout the year, a total of 700 million U.S. dollars of transactions occurred, of which the total volume of U.S. dollars 600 million U.S. dollars, accounting for 6/7, the volume of transactions in the yuan is 100 million U.S. dollars, accounting for 1/7, the volume of transactions in the yen is 500 million U.S. dollars, accounting for 5/7 Swiss francs accounted for 1/7, the Australian dollar accounted for 1/7 This means that the global transaction volume, 6/7 foreign exchange transactions directly using the U.S. dollar, 5/7