Hand-drawn K-line charts - training solid and effective basic skills!

  • 2023/2/25 9:55:13
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In fact, I wrote all the th cashback forexgs are in the process of h forextradingtime-drawn K-line diagrams constantly epiphany, so there forex trading session times a "fish" and "fishing" relationship between, in fact, to send some secret and method, say a sentence is enough, so even if is to teach you the "fishing" method! This sentence is ------- serious patience and insist on repeated manual drawing K-line chart! A sentence is enough, the core of this has a few points, the first to seriously draw the second to insist on drawing more drawing the third to repeat the drawing 1 year of the daily line to ten times twenty times or even more drawing! However, in this world, it is human nature to seek fish rather than fish, rather than let others to draw and then share his thinking, rather than to draw themselves, it is human nature! So, if someone really wants to learn something, go back and draw the diagrams yourself, and thats it! Memoirs of a Great Worker book, many people have learned a lot of things, but I think 99% of people have forextradingmarket found a thing what is it? That is, what did Livermore do initially? The first few years, he was a quote recorder, what do you do every day? Every day to write those opening prices, closing prices, the highest price, the lowest price! This is what he did every day, in the first few years, he did not trade, and did not learn any technology, but only in the record of those boring but changing numbers! Many people would say that drawing and trading have nothing to do with each other, why do you ask me to draw a chart? In fact, the essence of hand-drawn K-line is to let you do the initial 2 years of Livermores work, the great master, the first is to record 2 years of quotes, only slowly learn to do transactions, and most do not have this first stage of training in basic skills, so even if the transaction 10 years, still feel unable to handle, is because there is no foundation, the foundation is not solid, the building is not built high! Without a solid foundation, build a small building is no problem, but the building is definitely not up, which explains why people in all walks of life in this world, to a certain height can no longer progress, this is the essential reason! In this world, the thickness of the cultural heritage determines the height of a persons career! The earths potential, the gentleman with a thick virtue to carry things, the thicker the virtue, in order to carry things! The deeper the internal strength to be able to play a greater power on the same moves! So, to achieve the level of Livermore, we must first like him, honestly do 2-3 years of price recorder, and constantly go and those, the opening price, closing price, the highest price, the lowest price, to deal with! This is the fundamental! Is also a lot of people ignore the misunderstanding! Many people feel that hand-drawn charts is only to draw those various patterns? With the computer to see it is not the same, in fact, really wrong, hand-drawn charts based on what, based on those with EXCEL records of the opening price and closing price of the four numbers, you draw a K-line, the mouth must read the four numbers, the heart must also think about the four numbers, the eyes are also the four numbers, the hand with a pen is also the four numbers, therefore, the process of hand-drawn K-line, is Therefore, the process of hand-drawn K-line, is the four directions of the eye, hand, heart and mouth to remember to grind the four prices of the opening high and closing low process! The essence of his price figures, not the red and black candles you see with the naked eye! So, many people will say, I often review the plate is not the same, look at a variety of charts every day is not the same, this method is only training the eyes, no training, hands, mouth, heart! Top training out of a pair of eyes, can not be trained to manipulate the hand, manipulate the mouth, manipulate the heart! Not much to say, the general meaning I have expressed clearly, the rest of you to learn from their own example!