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different traders between, really real, touch the gap only these 1. forextrad cashback forexgtime reaction speed general refers to make trading judgment to the transaction transaction time, including the market d forex trading session timesplay delay, ergonomic delay, order transaction delay, the impact with the trading cycle shrink forextradingmarket expand for the smallest cycle of intra-day grab hat, 1 second is enough to change the profit and loss, and this second may come from: the market display stonecard The single server stonecard before the single hand accidentally placed in an awkward position single when the wrong number and delete the re-trading software UI unreasonable just in the desertion may also be in all aspects of normal, because you operate too far from the exchange location (played FPS online game friends know) and, on the contrary, for those ultra-long term value investors, even if the delivery of T + 1 for the single instruction T +1 also rarely affects its overall profit 2. trading capital volume different trading varieties, different trading cycles, different trading systems have different capital tolerance to trading varieties combined with trading cycles, for example, niche small cap stocks to day as a cycle, ten million has done stretched field mainstream currency funds, buy one buy one lying on the hundreds of millions of units to take over the plate, single-day turnover to tens of billions of records (RMB) HSI futures The instantaneous liquidity of intraday trading of the main contract is about 30 lots (about HK$200W by margin), while those popular, globally priced futures contracts, such as the U.S. WTI crude oil futures main contract, even if traded during the inactive hours of the day, also has great liquidity to trading system, for example, based on the turtle trading method of slowly adding or subtracting positions, and based on technical analysis of broken trading Trading habits (this title is too big, contains hundreds of branches, but in short, these branches must end up with the word as an intermediary to affect your every delivery order) These branches include but are not limited to 3.1 mindset mindset is a very broad concept, is every person from understanding to adulthood, treating everything The way of thinking is a combination of innate + acquired training, influenced by a certain educational background thinking according to the degree of systematic trading, divided into philosophical and scientific the following is taken from Baidu Encyclopedia: philosophy is a logical system of cosmology philosophy is a qualitative, logical understanding of the universe as a whole the laws of change, while science is in the philosophy of the universe based on the qualitative, logical sub-disciplinary understanding The parts of the universe, that is, the quantitative laws of change of everything 3.1.1 philosophical many people have heard that most good traders are good philosophers, this I have a deep understanding of trading is actually a branch of philosophy itself, are exploring the laws of change of things themselves, and will be characterized whether it is the average system, K-line system, wrap theory, wave, is essentially the change of things and things This way of thinking about future trends is the philosophical nature of trading 3.1.2 scientific science is based on philosophy, since philosophy has been characterized, then science is to quantify what is quantitative? We are all familiar with a variety of trading charts, whether candlestick charts, price line charts, point charts or other types of horizontal coordinates are time, vertical coordinates are price, placed below as the third coordinate is the volume of then the time, price, volume analysis, and finally draw their own conclusions, and then set up a trading system, that is the scientific nature of trading if the philosophical solve the trading should not buy, should not sell the If philosophy solves the problem of whether to buy or not to sell, then science will be to solve the problem of when to buy, how much to buy, how cheap to buy, and when to sell, how much to sell, how expensive to sell Finally, you will find the ultimate in science is programmed trading 3.2 Mindset Mindset is a variable factor that is difficult to quantify, in the direction of science can be accurate to the bodys hormone levels, in the direction of philosophy can be summarized as "I Who I am, where I come from, where I want to go", so here not to define, only a few examples of the impact of the big block e.g. trading funds (trading profit and loss) as a percentage of personal disposable assets a trader who just take some free money to play with, a trader who takes other peoples money to do risk speculation and a trader who devotes all his money in the mindset is certainly not the same. The smaller the ratio, the more the trader can withstand the volatility for the casual trader, their position profit and loss does not affect their quality of life, trading for them is more like a kind of self-proof, they will strictly implement the stop-loss strategy, just to understand their trading system is right or wrong for those traders who have everything, such as selling their homes and cars to do futures, their nerves are more sensitive, the market Volatility slightly larger will disrupt all previous trading plans, especially futures often with large leverage, floating losses often represent a geometric decline in the next open position, making it easy to fall into the unfavorable situation of not stop-loss carry single e.g. trading frequency here refers to the daily time and the combination of daily trading opportunities due to the different trading systems, some people spend only a few minutes a day watching the market, you can complete the days trading plan It is obvious that the longer the trading time, the more opportunities for trading, the more opportunities for gain or loss corresponding to many foreign exchange traders are recognized as the fastest way to make money, the highest risk trading method, because of its high gains and high losses and gains high trading frequency of windfall profits from the trading system positive Feedback exponential growth and vice versa, if several trading failures, resulting in a distrust of the trading system, while the margin is significantly reduced, it will be easy to fall into the negative cycle of "turn over - haphazard order - loss - turn over" e.g. open and close positions in the process of opening and closing positions, whether in strict accordance with the trading system to The opening of a position is the best stage for a trader to grasp, at this stage the impact of your trading is often a physical factor (Internet speed) rather than the heart of the factor take profit every trader who is new to the industry is often prone to a little bit of profit to close the position away, can not take profits which is a human condition in trading, because the subject of the transaction is often most of the time in a volatile state, a small part of the time In the trend state, which leads to the subject in a long time after the single in the state of micro-gain or micro-loss, due to fluctuations in micro-gain micro-loss switch from time to time, people are easily accustomed to micro-gain is to close the position away to avoid fluctuations back to micro-loss but the fact is that most of the traders to establish the trading system is based on the trend (it is worth mentioning that even to do fluctuations is also based on large fluctuations in the small trend) There is and only one straight line between two points, there is and only one trend between buying and selling) which results in, obviously, the trend of the trading system, but with the volatility of closing positions to solve the situation resulting in smaller profits each time, and the real positive trend appears, they instead lose that most of the profits stop loss just stop loss has just spoken when the micro-gain traders tend to withdraw small profits, but when the situation is reversed, when Traders positions into the micro-loss state, they are more convinced than one trend, "this is just a small fluctuation" they think so the result is that when the reverse trend appears for a long time, they rush to think about whether to close the position in fact, even at this time to close the position, but only the normal implementation of the trading system, but Most people, often to the future market to make unverified predictions, they will recall a certain time a certain time this situation reversed, waiting fearfully for things to get better maybe a few times they succeeded in this way, but more often than not, the power of the trend often make their losses more serious, so that they dare not admit losses, triggering a vicious cycle of single carry (I still remember my earlier single carry experience, when the floating loss has (I still remember my earlier experience of carrying a single, at that time the floating losses have swallowed up my profits for 1 month, I kept asking myself whether to stop loss, but helplessly hope that the market has reversed, and finally could not see the decision to escape from the nap and then, the result of the escape is --- months of profits evaporated) so, in general, stop loss is the cars brakes, take profit is the cars throttle, stop loss just does not let you lose a lot, but never let the car move, only a reasonable choice Only a reasonable choice of stop-loss to let the car forward, really let you makemoney (of course, the brakes and throttle is indispensable, equally important) e.g. trading experience since the previous mentioned driving, it has to mention the old driver and the new driver is obvious that the overall strength of the old driver is certainly much greater than the new driver, they know what the situation to accelerate, when to brake, when to overtake them incomparable Familiar with road conditions, whether it is highways, tunnels, mountain roads, whether the road is muddy or snowy, they will be very confident, very proper handling of these problems this gap can only rely on the volume of transactions and perception to catch up, which is why many people do not recommend playing for too long simulated disk, the direct real gun real disk on, because simulated trading and real trading both mentally and technically there is a big gap in the end It is worth mentioning that, as in the real world, new drivers bump but the overall problem is not big, but older drivers tend to be more wave, have to play in the snowy mountain roads curved overtaking, ignoring traffic rules, that the consequences are difficult to say e.g execution corresponds to the above stop loss and stop gain, simply put, you think you want to close the position, to decide to close the position, and finally use the time spent under the trading instructions different people according to the Self-experience and character of different gaps, and by the time the state of mind, this is difficult to quantitative analysis, can only say that the shorter the decision time, the more the overall profit and loss can be close to your trading system in this regard, the best done is programmed trading (Forex EA Forum: 4.Trading system trading system is the engine of the car, decide whether the car can run The trading system is the engine of the car, decide whether the car can run, how fast it can run, run when the stability of the existence of how to establish a positive expectation of large trading system, this will not be repeated in this article, different trading targets, different reference graphics, different ways of thinking, with different methods here is to say that the trading system is best to fit with human nature if you can do not be surprised by changes, peace of mind to do a good stop-loss, then any trading system is suitable for you but most people, even Trading session of the old driver, but also can not overcome the nature of human nature to avoid harm, we do not like to stop loss stop loss in profit and loss, then find a way to find such a system, the probability of profit and loss, a small part of the time to stop loss, and the overall expectation is still positive can this system, often either the use of trading rules of the loophole, or the use of human nature of the loophole, more often than not, both have before The fame of the halt the death squad, is the use of two loopholes, one is 10% of the board, one is the psychology of people love to chase high with this way of speculation, the next day after the bid is likely to be able to walk away with small profits, even if the low, the loss is not large todays analysis here, and continue to talk in the future