How can forex trading be profitable

  • 2023/2/25 10:17:40
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Why are there so foreign exchange cashback forexvestors lose money in the foreign exchange market, because he has not learned how to make money then how can forex trading be profitable?   a, with the forextradingmarket forex trading session times for the trend forextradingtime the most direct embodiment of the laws of market movement, is the trend of the correct treatment of the trend of the only approach, is to follow the trend and operate this is the speculative market to make money and even long-term survival of the first major asset of the United States a famous investment expert Stanley? Krogh once said: the most profitable and most reassuring operation, always follow the trend at the time of the operation of the most miserable and feel the greatest pressure of the operation, always in my establishment or hold the counter-trend loss of money position not put when the newcomer in learning to trade, to understand the direction of the establishment of the price run, for the overall success or failure of the transaction, has an extremely important value through objective analysis to determine the direction, and then leap into the trend, and has been in it. As long as the trend continues to be favorable to them, they must hold on to their positions to profit Learn to trade in the direction of the trend, and in the process of floating with the trend, through risk management, to get excellent operational results This is the essence of following the trend for newcomers, the recommended analysis tool is the moving average as a clear and concise trend indicators, moving averages in Follow the trend has not bad efficacy, thus gaining the favor of the real masters of the specific application can be referred to Granbys eight laws of averaging and triple filter investment theory  two, grasp the big and small example: assume that our risk-reward ratio is 100 points: 300 points, the success rate is 70%, which means that we make 10 transactions, each profit is 300 points, a loss of 100 points Assuming that our risk-return ratio is 300 points: 100 points and the success rate is 90%, each time we lose 300 points and each time we make a profit of 100 points, then in 10 trades, the overall profit will be 100x9-300x1=600 points Considering these two core factors, the smaller the risk-return ratio and the higher the success rate Trading, is what we should strive to pursue Third, limit loss limit loss, preserve the principal, under the premise of trying to hold positions with profit potential for as long as possible, so that profits grow, which is the third magic weapon of speculation to make money risk like a shadow, closely accompanied by traders, so newcomers should have a clear understanding of risk after setting a stop loss, traders will have a clear quantification of the bottom of the loss This is conducive to maintaining a stable trading psychology in limiting losses at the same time, must learn to make money by holding a long to make up for the losses caused by mistakes only hold a long to make a lot of money, only to make a lot of money to make up for the losses caused by a large number of mistakes and have a balance, these balances are the final trading profits will not stop-loss investors are sure to lose, only stop-loss investors are sure to lose, only both will be Only investors who can both stop loss and make money can taste the taste of long-term money