How to speculate in foreign exchange online

  • 2023/2/25 13:46:52
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How to speculate forex trading session times cashback forex exchange online, is currently the most foreign exchange investors concern a problem, in the premise of having basic operational knowledge, should be prepared for the following conditions: a, the development of investment plans sailing to rely on the steering wheel, investment also need to have a plan book before buying forextradingmarket selling it is necessary to make a full and comprehensive assessment of the various situations, the development of investment plans to analyze the positive factors can not ignore the negative news, listed bearish When the signal should also prevent the threat of rising to see the right chaser, open the wrong rescue, these should be included in the whole set of plans, even in the most ideal situation to earn how much, the most serious case of how much loss, should be calculated in advance unless the implementation of the previous, the forextradingtime has a major sudden factors, otherwise should not easily change the plan II, control the proportion of open positions for traders soon after entering the market, the proportion of open positions can not be too large, only When you have accumulated sufficient trading experience and have a consistently good trading record, then consider gradually expanding the proportion of open positions for newcomers to the foreign exchange market, it is recommended that the proportion of open positions does not exceed 30% at the same time, according to market trends, it is recommended to use "progressive tactics" to open positions in batches, in order to effectively spread the risk III. Stop loss price, and strictly enforced, when the price of foreign exchange to their own operations in the direction of favorable operation, you can set a trailing stop loss for risk control, but in turn when the price of foreign exchange to the adverse direction of their positions run, you can set a stop loss in time to exit the position, which effectively reduces the loss at the same time, in order to better prevent risk, you are recommended to use both trailing stop and stop loss in general, short-term operations are recommended to set relatively In addition, the stop-loss point should not be set farther than the mandatory closing point, otherwise it will be forced to close the position before it reaches the stop-loss price, so the stop-loss price will not work. In general, short term operations, stop-win can be relatively small, long term operations, stop-win relatively large five, pay attention to market hot spots as investors, pay attention to market hot spots is very important in a full understanding of the premise of market information, timely grasp of the market rhythm, go with the flow, can reduce unnecessary losses, allowing you to gain greater returns foreign exchange is a Sixth, strengthen professional knowledge to strengthen the study of foreign exchange expertise, analysis of foreign exchange fundamentals, analysis of economic data characteristics and the characteristics of each currency, skilled knowledge of the technical aspects of foreign exchange and use since the analysis of the market, to develop a keen market insight and forecasting power, explore "This is beneficial to your professional level and profitability. Simulation trading platform operation, can effectively avoid because of the wrong single, under the reverse single and other low-level errors caused by unnecessary losses In addition, skilled mastery of a variety of technical indicators to analyze, improve trading skills, for a better grasp of market trends or very beneficial