How to understand forex trading relay pattern

  • 2023/2/25 14:10:29
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Foreign exchange trad cashback forexg, the market often shows different morphological character forextradingmarkettics, the forextradingtime forex trading session times is one of these patterns belong to a kind of adjustment pattern, the person should decide their own trading direction and strategy according to its characteristics  forex trading relay pattern is the operation of a greater certainty of a pattern, the essence of the idea is to operate with the trend, through the relay pattern of the specific form, reliability, etc. after further study can help to have a better grasp of the rhythm of the market operation The specific form, reliability, etc., after further study, help to have a better grasp of the rhythm of the market running in simple terms, the relay pattern is a rising trend or downward trend to play a bearing, through the rest and again accumulate momentum in the process, the next currency will continue to develop in accordance with the original direction common relay pattern is divided into rising relay pattern and falling relay pattern  forex trading relay pattern The greatest significance of the pattern is that it is in line with the original trend, after a round of up or down, to rest, to regain momentum to promote the exchange rate in accordance with the original trend to accelerate the operation of the relay pattern is in the process of running a unilateral trend, so in the operation of the relay pattern will not have to guess the bottom, the bottom or the low has been in the generation of unilateral market before the emergence, and the various different relay patterns have After the awareness, and then assisted by the classification of different reliability of the relay pattern, the operation of the certainty is quite high  relay pattern appears in different stages, the reliability will be equally affected here in order to understand and divided into high school and low three levels, of which the success rate of intermediate and high level two levels are quite high this classification is mainly for the rectangular relay pattern, because its local potential changes are relatively more   1, low level: the average system intertwined in the forex trading rectangle relay pattern between the exchange rate, or the average system in the direction of the exchange rate will run the formation of reverse compression, this time need to raise alarm, the relay pattern has the possibility of failure, of course, only the success rate is reduced, whether the establishment of this time need to assist with other analytical methods  2, intermediate level: the average system of multi-head or short parallel alignment, at this time the forex trading relay pattern established reliability medium, here it is defined as medium, is to highlight the next to speak of advanced opportunities, here the success rate of the medium opportunity is also very high, and better reflect the homeopathic, pay attention to the averaging system multiple or short parallel alignment  3, advanced: forex trading averaging system convergence in the exchange rate below, at this time the relay pattern is established on the reliability of said it is superior because, in this case, buying opportunities from the beginning of a wave of rising (or falling) market earlier, just at the beginning of the rising trend (or falling trend), the market after the upside is larger, and the speed of the rise will be faster  foreign exchange trading even under the relay pattern is not necessarily successful and smooth, but also need Investors on the trading strength of a reasonable grasp, do not relax the risk of vigilance because you think the market is suitable in the foreign exchange market, there is never a perfect market, only relatively perfect trading results