Leverage trading needs to comply with the five laws

  • 2023/2/25 18:05:40
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futures trading belongs to the leverage trading, forextradingmarket a high-risk financial investment industry, if you forex trading session times forextradingtime master a certain trading iron law and trading principles, it will be difficult to survive in this market to do transactions need to follow the following principles: 01 trend is king law how many people, how many newbies repeatedly ask this question, what is the trend, the simplest and most easily understood statement is: cashback forex A basketball placed on the ground will keep rolling in one direction when the trend is generated, that is downhill if the basketball placed on the ground will not roll, that is consolidation, no trend trading, look at the direction of the large cycle, such as the weekly K-line, the principle of making a single is: see high do short, only empty not more, more people will die; on the contrary, when the trend is more, the principle of making a single is: see low do more, only more not empty, the Empty will die without reaching the conditions to do more you do not do more; without reaching the conditions to do short, you do not empty 02 light position strike law leverage trading is about the use of leverage, heavy position is synonymous with greed and desire heavy position is digging graves for themselves especially small position, must be through the accumulation of funds to make your position bigger, and then there is the capital of the game small position is the sail in the sea, it is easy to be Aircraft carriers crashed to smithereens Winning is so hard, loss is in a thought, therefore, unless the grasp of the absolute high, note that the grasp of the absolute high, such an opportunity may only once a month, otherwise never heavy position! 03 keep waiting for the rabbit law do not feel free to guess the market trend, do not you think the market will go next, we do not have to be smarter than the market our only approach is. Lower your head and worship the market! When you establish a set of your own trading system, the market does not signal, resolutely do not move, the market once the signal appears, do not hesitate, longsword out of the sheath, moving like a dragon, the hand to be fast, the head to be flexible, the heart is not stubborn to win, do not get carried away! Losses, the end of the world did not come, tomorrow the red sun still shines in the East 04 something to do and something not to do law everyone has everyones life rules, different peoples life work and rest time different own grasp not to do when things are busy, not to do when not awake, not to do when the mood is bad, not to do when you can not see this is a matter of personal self-discipline 05 limit loss hold long law (truncation) (loss, let the profits run) when you do wrong, immediately implement the crocodile rule, that is, when your hand is bitten by the crocodile, immediately pull out the sword to cut off your hand (close the position), and do not try to save yourself with another hand (add position), otherwise it will endanger your life (burst position) law is dead, people are alive in this wise game of survival, really need to be too bold, too wise, too much courage. Beyond the ordinary courage so can survive in the world of trading, is a true man of the people