Leveraged foreign exchange investment

  • 2023/2/25 18:06:11
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   Take $1 as $100, or take $100 as $400 to spend in reality is not possible, right? The cashback forex forextradingtime margin trading forextradingmarket be achieved by a small amount, the investor through the bank or investment company to provide financing to foreign exchange trading foreign exchange margin, also known as leveraged foreign exchange can be up to 400 times more money, you have not heard of it?  In addition to capital amplification, another feature of foreign exchange investment is a two-way transaction, when the currency trend up when you can buy to profit, the currency trend down when you sell to profit, forex trading session times will not be affected by the price repeatedly fall (bear market) The amplification effect of leverage and foreign exchange price fluctuations to the customer investment has a great potential return, of course, may also incur losses customers can earn how much, all without limit, but the customers losses, is Can control (only limited to the deposit of the margin), because the system requires a stop-loss, and provide automatic chopping service Foreign exchange margin is the investor with their own funds as a guarantee, from the bank or brokerage firm to provide financing to enlarge to foreign exchange transactions, that is, to enlarge the investors trading guarantee funds general leverage ratio of about 20 times, 100 times, 400 times, etc., that is, the investors funds can be enlarged 100, 400 times to trade the greater the leverage ratio, that is, the less money the customer needs to pay, making full use of the leverage of the small to large The advantages of foreign exchange margin trading It mainly has the following main features: 1, high market transparency, large capital flows, not easy to be manipulated by large customers Foreign exchange market is an international financial market, the investment target is the national economy, high market transparency, daily Turnover of up to 2 trillion U.S. dollars, it is impossible to be manipulated by some people, banks, foreign exchange dealers, funds, foreign exchange suppliers and demanders or countries 2, 24-hour trading, buying and selling can be done at any time The foreign exchange market is a 24-hour market, you can enter or exit at any time For investors, almost at any time, at any time, according to the new trend changes, the purchase and sale of foreign exchange operations, can be absolutely 3, two-way buying and selling, flexible operation, bull and bear markets can be profitable Margin way of foreign exchange trading can be bought and then sold, or sold and then bought, eliminating the risk of hedging; in addition to exchange rate profits, investors can also buy the currency of higher interest rates or sell the currency of lower interest rates to earn interest 4, leveraged operation, small profits Margin way of foreign exchange trading, only need to Investment cost is low and profit is high. 5, investment varieties are concentrated, analysis and trend information is abundant. The varieties traded in the foreign exchange market are mostly large liquidity currency varieties, including: the U.S. dollar, euro, pound sterling, yen, etc.; the basic data affecting the foreign exchange market, currency trend analysis information, many websites at home and abroad can provide timely 6, buying and selling Operation platform is simple, and can set a variety of trading strategies to control the risk of expanding profits In the development of network technology before, foreign exchange transactions have been exclusive to large banks and other financial institutions, individual investors basically have no access to this market but from the late 1990s, the rapid development and popularity of the Internet, greatly reducing the investment threshold and costs, so that individuals involved in foreign exchange investment has become possible original only financial institutions Only financial institutions can afford the cost of the Dow Jones News, Reuters quotes, professional charting tools, etc., now as long as the account can be used free of charge The original must go to the bank to complete the trading behavior, now sitting at home, a click of the mouse can be completed in a few seconds The original nowhere to learn and practice the pain, now with the help of free online courses, online seminars and simulation trading platform, can be a quick start in a short period of time Course After investors complete the account opening procedures (1000 U.S. dollars to open an account), they can log on to the online trading platform for trading, inquiries, reconciliation and other actions, which can be described as simple; online trading platform can set a stop-loss, stop-win on position orders to control risk and protect profits In general, foreign exchange investment has a short investment cycle, high investment returns, flexible operation, risk control and a fair and transparent investment environment, etc. Features