MACD buying and selling stock tips

  • 2023/2/25 18:28:16
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   cashback forex forextradingtimedicator forex trading session times one of the most classic technical indicators in all technical indicators, the correct use of this indicator, by combining the K-line (daily K-line, weekly K-line), individual stock trends, volume, the general market trends, short forextradingmarket positive news, etc., basically you can achieve a better buying and selling effect in the actual investment, MACD indicator not only has the bottom (divergence is the bottom), capture the very strong up point (MACD two consecutive red buy), capture the end of the washboard (up and down divergence buy), but also has the function to enable you to capture the best selling point, to help you successfully escape the top 1, the use of MACD low two golden cross buy method MACD indicator is the use of long-term (MACD), short-term (DIF) two smooth dissimilarity moving average, and calculate the difference between the two The difference between the two (DIF-MACD) as the length of the red and green column data, the use of the main consideration of the long and short-term moving averages of the crossover and the length of the red and green column values, as a basis for judging the market buying and selling In practice, investors may feel that if you buy exactly in accordance with the golden fork, dead fork sell, it is difficult to profit or may also be set to lose money, so you can use a low twice the golden fork buy method    MACD in the low level of the first golden fork, the stock price in more cases up limited, or a small increase after a large pullback, causing investors to buy into the situation of the loss of the hedge, but when the MACD in the low level of the second golden fork appears, the probability of the stock price and the magnitude of the rise will be greater because the indicator after the first golden fork occurred after a small pullback, and the formation of a dead fork, at this time, the air side seems to be once again Occupy the initiative, but in fact, is already the end of the strong, so that the second golden cross in the indicator, is bound to cause the power of the multiple forces on the use of methods: with the stock price rise MACD turn red, that is, the white line through the yellow line (do not buy), followed by the stock price fall, DIF (white line) to MACD (yellow line) close, when the white line and the yellow line bond (to turn green not turn green), this time only with the daily K-line can, when this time K-line has a stop signal, such as: the closing of the sun, cross stars, etc.. (Note that in the upcoming white and yellow gluing when you want to start staring at the disk enclosure, observe the sellers power), if this time can be stopped for its bottom backward bottom backward is the best time to buy!    Conversely, when the stock price falls back to a high level, MACD green, rebound again, at this time when the DIF (white line) and MACD (yellow line) bonding [to become red not become red] if blocked, such as the receipt of Yin, cross stars, etc., it is possible that the top backward is the last good opportunity to sell! At this point many people think to regain the uptrend, in other peoples best selling point to buy often set which But in the operation should pay attention to: a, backward disregard whether to break through or break through the previous high (low) b, high when as long as there is a top backward may generally be sold, do not fight to turn red again, unless the big sun or stop.  C, its a good means of finding short-term buying and selling points, short-term range of more than 15%, but the medium-term trend to combine long-term patterns and other 2, the use of MACD to capture the best selling point method The meaning is that the stock price after a significant pull-up appears horizontal, thus forming a relative high point, investors, especially investors with large amounts of capital, must be shipped in the first selling point, or reduce positions to determine the first selling point established Technique is the stock price cross, MACD dead fork sell, that is, when the stock price after a continuous rise in cross, 5 days, 10 days moving average has not formed a dead fork, but the MACD is the first dead fork, the day of the dead fork is the first selling point is formed when you should sell or reduce the position After the formation of the first selling point, some stocks did not appear to fall, but after the pullback to cover the shipments pretend to break upward, the long The main force to make the goods before the last pull-up, also known as virtual wave pull-up, at this time the formation of the high point is often the highest point of a wave of bull market, so also known as the absolute top, if you can not escape smoothly at this time, the consequences are unimaginable Judgment of the absolute top established skills is the price, MACD divergence sell, that is, when the stock price for virtual wave pull-up to create a new high, MACD can not be synchronized to create a new high, the trend of the two produce Divergence, which is the obvious signal of the top of the stock price is bound to indicate that in the absolute top sell stocks, never wait for the MACD dead fork and then sell, because when the MACD dead fork when the stock price has fallen a lot, in the virtual wave top sell stocks must refer to the K-line combination Generally speaking, in the virtual wave pulling sharply in the process, if there is a high open low negative or long lower shadow up when the positive line, is an excellent time to sell the last need to remind is, Because the MACD indicator has a lag, MACD to find the best selling point to escape the top especially suitable for those who pull up sharply after doing the platform head of the stock, not for those who pull down sharply in addition, the above two points mostly appear in the stock after a large rise, that is, it appears in the stock after the main wave, if a stock has not yet risen sharply, no main wave, then, do not use the above method