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Received settlement

  • 2023/2/25 21:47:57
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What is received settlement Received settlement, also known as received payment, refers to the domestic negotiat cashback">forextradingtimeg forex trading session times receives various documents from the export company, the first audit, after the audit is correct, the documents will be sent to the issuing bank (such as the reimbursing bank will be sent to the reimbursing bank), the issuing bank audit is correct, the immediate payment or authorized the reimbursing bank to pay the domestic negotiating bank Domestic negotiating bank receives the issuing bank (or the reimbursing bank) will be paid to the exporting enterprise Bank) will be allocated to the negotiating bank account credit notice, immediately after the payment to the export enterprise According to the provisions, the export enterprise only in the acquisition of freight documents (such as sea bills of lading, railroad waybills or air waybills) and to the bank after the delivery of the bill to determine the sales revenue to achieve the enterprise to complete the preparation of various documents and audit, the bill of exchange and various documents sent to the bank in a timely manner in accordance with the provisions of various documents for the bank Audit (bank audit), that is, for negotiation, the documents sent to the forextradingmarket issuing bank, and to the issuing bank or reimbursing bank to issue a notice of demand, notify the issuing bank or reimbursing bank according to the provisions of the payment of the practice of receiving proper settlement of foreign exchange At present, the Chinese banks to receive proper settlement of foreign exchange in two main ways: 1, the mainland Chinese banks in foreign correspondent banks or overseas joint bank to open foreign exchange accounts, whether it is the immediate receipt of foreign exchange or forward receipt of foreign exchange 2, foreign correspondent bank or overseas affiliate bank in the mainland of China to open an account, our bank after verification of the bill (mainly refers to the way of collection of the letter of credit in the spot) active debit (the terms of the letter of credit can be active debit) or by the foreign bank after verification of the bill authorized debit (such as the other bank in Chinas head office of the Bank of China, then by the settlement of foreign exchange (If the other banks bank account in China is the head office of the Bank of China, the branch bank will transfer to the head office account or the head office will transfer to the branch bank account), and at the same time to the exporting enterprise for the settlement procedures Other designated foreign exchange banks, such as the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, etc., is generally in the receipt of credit statements from foreign banks, before the exporting enterprise for the export settlement procedures to receive the accounting entries of the settlement enterprise finance department to determine the sales revenue and the preparation of bookkeeping vouchers according to the negotiated return, invoices, etc. In accordance with the provisions of the export enterprises export commodities, regardless of the price conditions, are listed in the total amount of foreign currency export invoices in accordance with the current market exchange rate or the current month 1 market exchange rate into RMB to determine the sales revenue finance department should be prepared according to the invoice transfer voucher, the accounting entries: debit: foreign exchange receivable credit: export sales revenue such as foreign trade enterprises as agents of other domestic enterprises export business, it should be prepared Bookkeeping vouchers, the accounting entries: debit: foreign exchange accounts receivable credit: accounts payable - x x enterprises As for the enterprise in accordance with the price terms or the contract should be paid to the brokers commission, and foreign freight, insurance premiums, the same should be written off in red export sales revenue commission can be divided into explicit commission, dark commission and accumulated commission three kinds of explicit commission is in the Price terms and conditions, and the commission specified in the invoice, it is generally directly deducted from the export sales revenue dark commission is not specified in the price terms and invoices, but in the contract provides for the payment of commission, which should generally be paid separately to the intermediary after receiving payment, the same can be used to offset the export sales revenue accumulated commission is entrusted to foreign merchants in the case of underwriting, on behalf of sales, in accordance with a certain period of time, the accumulated Commission paid to foreign merchants in accordance with a certain percentage of sales, it is generally not deducted from sales revenue, but as part of operating expenses In addition to commission, exporters should generally pay other related costs, such as the payment of documents to the bank postage, it is generally also deducted from export sales revenue