Several different types of foreign exchange EA operating principle analysis

  • 2023/2/25 22:48:41
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about forex trading session times, the vast majority of people are to make a lot of money quickly, hoping to achieve the purpose of automatic money through EA undeniably, a good EA cashback forex earn more or less profit, but only you must be very familiar with the rules of use of their own purchase of EA, after all, th forextradingtime is the EA of the developers own trading strategy embodied Imagine, an unknown outsider, can The effectiveness of a few percent, especially for newcomers, the basic use of indicators are not familiar, forextradingmarket how can the EA parameters deployed to the best state?  Newbies buy EA, there is a hurdle, see the sellers introduction after the heart, but they know nothing about the EA, the face of the price and fear of being cheated, torn to know a little line will ask the seller to transaction records, historical backtest, or test account, do not know the line to listen to the seller a mouth dare to sell the EA, often have a magnificent backtest record, a hundred times, a thousand times, ten thousand times the rate of return. Thousands of times, ten thousand times the rate of return, a minute to buy EA money to earn back, and then do not take the hand is a fool novice mentality at this time, complex ah, the struggle is very intense, do not buy may miss an easy way to make money, buy may be fooled to regret but often 80% will finally choose to pay out (this is normal, dare to do foreign exchange gold are more or less gambling), and then 80% will feel that they fell for it in fact In fact, to determine whether an EA is good or bad, the win rate is not important, the backtest record is not important, the profit and loss ratio is the most important, such as each profitable transaction can earn 10 points, losing transactions to lose 5 points, the win rate of only 50%, 100 transactions down the overall can earn 250 points on the contrary, earn 5 points, lose 10 points, the win rate of 70% can only earn 50 points Second, the type of EA is very important, which relates to whether it is suitable for you to use Second, the type of EA is very important, which relates to whether it is suitable for you to use, and how you should use it, the general seller will tell the type of EA common EA types are trend, scalping, plus, breakout, hedging, etc., each has its advantages and disadvantages, can not arbitrarily say which is good that bad, as long as the EA capital risk control properly, can play their respective roles in the characteristics of each type of EA and the scope of application trend EA is suitable for solid medium and long-term trading, profitability is not necessarily the strongest But the victory is stable, the loss of a small percentage of volatility, the security index first; scalp EA is purely fast in and fast out of the ultra-short-term model, more in the market in the evening hours, ants gnawing on the bones, flies are also meat, eat more can also be full, boring index first; plus type EA belongs to the deadly stubborn bull, based on the trend signal, as long as there is no reversal signal, the more losses doubled the position, more With the moving stop-win parameters, suitable for large capital small positions combined with the use of thick capital to carry, but also have to keep the clouds open to see the moon, but once the stop loss, often resulting in great losses, burst index first; breakthrough EA is to a price level for the entry point to buy or sell, more set a fixed stop-loss stop-win, relatively simple and dull, losses generally appear in the case of a false breakthrough with its counterpart is the reverse EA The hedging type EA without any technical content, any position at the same time under the long and short orders, waiting for the market fluctuations up and down when the respective stop-win, most of them are small stop-loss big stop-win, similar to scalping, retarded index first of these ways and means is not a single use, EA writers tend to combine the use of such trends combined with breakthroughs Reversal, scalp combined with hedging, trend combined with plus code with the transaction record to select the appropriate EA newbie consulting EA situation, the seller may not be able to answer in detail, to understand more of the real situation, be sure to look at each other EA actual test records and then repeat, alone an EA is very difficult to long-term profitability, to form a combination of system tools, they are familiar with the system tools to open a position conditions and risk in Where to be invincible most importantly, EA can be on duty 24 hours a day, we can use more time to do more valuable things ourselves