Share my personal understanding of trading plus and minus positions

  • 2023/2/25 23:08:52
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In my opinion, the application of the so-called plus forextradingtime minus positions, but it forex trading session times the counter-trend application of the counter-trend mentality that is to say, find a way to trend trading method of plus and minus positions without fear of losing money: the courage to add positions in the case of losing money, the courage to reduce positions in the case of making money Let us elaborate that people forextradingmarket not always cashback forex wrong, it is possible to be wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong Yes, so a trading process wrong a lot of about 7, 8 times to be right once this probability is low enough? Less than 20%, right ...... is very scary? Not at all! Using the concept of adding positions on losses is easy to achieve profits, wrong once plus a certain percentage of positions, wrong once plus a certain percentage of positions please ask, you will always be wrong? Trading system is not profitable at the time? The end result of this cycle is that, as long as there is a profitable single, it must be the most profitable single profit will cover all the previous losses, and double the money as long as you adhere to this cycle, you will be able to do long-term stable profits and will not put the eye on the current single profit and loss probability above to! In the case of probability can not be raised, the probability is low again are not afraid of the premise that there is a trading system support, rather than their own arbitrary single brainless trading method of adding or subtracting positions: in the financial markets can be more or less trading, calculate their own amount of money, this theory needs and its a lot of money behind the support, which is to stop the flat trading method we take gold for example, the price in the $ 1300 / ounce when buying 1 hand contract, the price fell, no matter, bear with, and so down to the next integer mark 1200 U.S. dollars, plus double the position to buy, that is, 2 hand contract to buy and fell to 1100 integer mark, and then double the position to buy 4 hands please note that the previous loss positions are not closed Oh ~ this theory is to keep increasing positions, multiply the cost price, so that the gold price will not keep falling, as long as wait until Gold prices rose about $80, floating profit and loss will be corrected, and then up so little, you can see very crazy profit premise is that you have the money to support the price has been falling until the rebound in fact, think about this set of methods is very crude, calculate the market will not go all the way down or up, recognize the fact that the market is always fluctuating, with this stopping flat trading method will become very sturdy and durable as long as the market does not die The investors will always be alive ~ as long as the market has a rebound, the investors will definitely be profitable