Share my short and fast entry signals in trading!

  • 2023/2/25 23:09:33
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Everyones system forex trading session times different forextradingmarkets are different, the following to say my trading signals! Since it is short cashback forex fast, then the golden fork dead fork is not counted, forextradingtime kind of signal is obviously lagging signal fastest signal is rs bit support line (rs broad sense refers to: support and resistance here refers to the chart on the circle of this type, that is, particularly obvious support resistance), the pressure line, this kind of transaction is generally playing the pending single transaction can say that the market has not yet arrived here has calculated how to enter the field so the fastest such people morning to the company to analyze the rs position, hang number single on home, of course, here can only give a few examples, really need to use good on their own more efforts to review the analysis of the disk such as this is the rs position, the price to the bottom of the lower shadow near the entry and this is the pressure line entry and a variety of indicators of the secondary signal is also relatively fast as shown in the circle is the macd secondary signal, which is my early system signal do not simply think there is a retracement is the second, all the signals are true and false, only their own more feel to know which is true which is false, like the circle in this secondary signal success rate is very high, you can review the disk to see, sincere not deceive you! Another example is kdj secondary rsi secondary last is kdj secondary signal is not circled, but this is kdj signal in the higher success rate and Bollinger band is also common, the upper and lower middle rail of the suppression and support, and then send a middle rail suppression success rate is relatively high form at first glance is not to see the difference, after more review will find this form is very accurate careful point will be able to find, my chart on these several forms Combined with better results, this is my previous review when the summary screenshot, directly used, so you can systematically see how to use Note that here only talk about fast signals, some slow divergence ah, pattern ah, gold fork dead fork and so on there is no need to say I gave examples, just from the perspective of pure signals, high success rate of signals, not that only so good with a mature system of admission is just a very A simple step, more review more research can always find a suitable signal entry but out of the system is the essence of the system, the system is the barrel, there is a short board can not hold the water, to understand this sentence! The financial market is a pass, the foreign exchange market technical signals most of the stock market can also be used, most of the futures market can also be used, in short, most of the market can be used