Tell you the proportion of risk investment formula

  • 2023/2/26 3:27:05
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You can not run Liu Xiang, but you must run CPI forex trading session times the face of the rare capital market wealth effect, many people devote all their investment 13, the first on stage financial education public welfare line lecture of the Boshi fund management company institutional account manager Song cashback forex Wen pointed out that for ordinary investors, r forextradingtimek control should always be put in the first place Investment must be moderate control of risk  At present, the investment market is generally popular concept, that is, 10 years 10 times the law of return if the investment 10 years to reach 10 times the return, the annual rate of return need to reach how much? The result of 10 times is accumulated by doubling every 3 years or so, the problem is simplified to 3 years to double the annual rate of return needs to reach how much, the industry provides a 72 law, the calculation results in 24% that is, to achieve the goal of 10 years to double, as long as the rolling investment can be sustained at a rate of return of 24% per year can be achieved assuming that 35-year-old Mr. Wang with 1 million yuan to invest. Then by the time he is 45 years old, he can become a multi-millionaire, such a calculation for any person with irresistible temptation in the call of wealth, many people poured out of their pockets The explosive rise of the stock market in 2006 announced that the long-term prosperity trend of the stock market was established Song and Wen pointed out that the road of the bull market is not a highway, the pace of a healthy bull market is structural, the next overall shape of the market will Show a wide range of oscillations, during which there may be a larger decline in individual stocks, investment difficulties will increase Therefore, in controlling risk while making moderate investments, is the first lesson that all ordinary investors should take He said that all investors should have reasonable return expectations, the current more ideal annual return expectations are: bond forextradingmarket 6%, stock funds 13% to 15%, high-quality stocks 20% So, exactly take How much money out of the investment is appropriate? The answer given by Song and Wen is: the proportion of risky investments such as stocks and stock funds to the investors liquid assets should be equal to 100 minus his age For example, Mr. Liu is 40 years old and has liquid assets of 500,000 yuan, so he can take out about 300,000 yuan to buy stocks and stock funds If he is optimistic or pessimistic about the future market, this proportion should be increased or reduced by 10% to 20% accordingly. If he is optimistic or pessimistic about the future market, this ratio should be increased or reduced by 10% to 20%. Invest early and stick to it for a long time. The survey shows that about 70% of the top 15 stocks in the 5 and 10 year period are not among the top 15 in each individual year. This indicates that the focus of the fund investment target is the long-running champion statistics show that 70% of all long-running champion gains are achieved in 30% of the time, which indicates that a significant rise in the stock will appear in the main section, the previous time are in the help, the latter stage is the real jump Song and Wen said, the earlier the better to invest, long-term holding to In the face of hundreds of fund products, how do investors pick the most suitable for their products? Song and Wen believes that one of the methods of judgment is to pay proper attention to the overall return of the fund companys funds At present, the performance of domestic fund companies are basically divided into two categories, one is to pursue the performance of all its funds ranked in the forefront, the second is through the control of its a fund ranked in the first few, to obtain the star effect Obviously, buy into the former category of fund companies are more secure than the funds, the overall return of its funds The overall return of its funds reflects a companys investment management capabilities, investors in the purchase of funds, especially new funds, to consider this At the same time, investors can also pay attention to the reports of authoritative fund rating agencies, such as Morningstar (China), Galaxy Securities Fund Research Center, CITIC Securities, Tianxiang Investment and Lipper, etc., they will regularly rank each funds yield, net worth, investors track the rankings for a period of time Investors can follow the rankings for a period of time to see which funds have been on the list for a long time, and then focus on them in order to select the best ones.