The global foreign exchange market major foreign exchange electronic trading platform introduction

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electronic forex trad forextradingmarketg session times system in the financial market is quite widely used, mainly between dealers electronic trading system, dealers forextradingtime end investors electronic trading system and end investors between the electronic trading system global electronic trading platform (ElectronicTradingPlatform) in the foreign cashback forex market is a Common trading foreign exchange products trading platform, especially in the inter-dealer spot market, electronic trading system is an absolute advantage foreign exchange market is a market dominated by over-the-counter transactions, the average daily trading volume of more than 5 trillion U.S. dollars, the inter-dealer market share occupies more than 60% At present, the global foreign exchange market electronic trading system mainly includes the worlds largest foreign exchange spot trading platform ICAPs EBS, Bloomberg electronic trading system, Thomson Reuters FXAll, Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CMEGroup), Currenex, FastMatch, FXConnect, FXSpotStream, HotspotFX, Integral, LMAX, MoltenMarkets Citi CitiMarginFXTrading (FFX and Saxo took over Citi FX platform customers in 2015), FFXCMPro, Carlson GainGTX, 360T (Deutsche Bank officially acquired 360T in July 2015, with an average monthly trading volume of around $2.25 trillion) and Saxo Bank, among the above electronic trading platforms, and EBSBrokerTec, Thomson Reuters and Bloomberg as the main force, these electronic platforms in the foreign exchange market occupy a pivotal role in the trading volume also in the global electronic trading system share of more than 60% traders electronic is a trend, now almost all exchanges are preparing some kind of electronic trading system, many exchanges have also achieved a fully electronic since the end of the twentieth century, the world has 70% of the worlds stock exchanges to achieve electronic, as of today, the global exchange basically fully electronic exchange electronic in three main areas: market information dissemination, order delivery and order matching electronic trading systems used to improve operational efficiency reduce the cost of financial institutions to operate the market transparency, price discovery (generation) mechanism, liquidity, volatility and reliability of the worlds major foreign exchange Brief analysis of electronic trading platforms: First, EBSBrokerTec Yi Lian Huiye (ICAP) is the worlds largest dealer interbank broker, established by the merger of Garban Corporation and Intercapital Corporation in 1999, renamed ICAP in 2001, with its strengths in interest rate swaps and options, commodity swaps and convertible bonds and foreign exchange options. Through a series of mergers and acquisitions, gradually developed into the worlds largest dealer interbank broker 1993, the worlds 14 largest foreign exchange banks set up a partnership to invest $50 million in the development of EBS trading system EBS became the worlds largest spot foreign exchange electronic trading system, interbank and professional trading community market information solutions provider for the professional spot foreign exchange industry services 2005 June 23 officially announced the entry into the Chinese market in June 2006, ICAP completed the acquisition of EBS, to achieve a qualitative leap, leap into the electronic trading platform and market data excellent solution provider 2007, ICAP and China Foreign Exchange Trade Center jointly set up the Shanghai International Currency Brokerage Co. The most widely used platform EBS more than 800 exchanges in 50 countries around the world for banks and non-bank trading institutions to provide spot foreign exchange trading pricing system foreign exchange brokers and other brokerage foreign exchange quotes from the bank, and the banks pricing is derived from the EBS bank received this pricing to be processed in order to fit the banks risk-taking level, and only then to its customers (foreign exchange brokers, etc.) Announced this process to trading platforms and traders to create a quotation interval, so that they lose potential opportunities UK TrailLink Exchange (ICAP) recently announced its financial results for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2016, the data show that its electronic trading platform EBS revenue reached 126 million pounds, an increase of 2% year-on-year for the full year 2015 EBS average daily trading volume of $ 95 billion, once in the fourth quarter fell to 78 billion, which ICAP believes is due to the relatively low volatility of the G3 (U.S. dollar, euro and yen) caused by; the average daily trading volume of EBS in the first quarter of 2016 was $96.7 billion, while the average monthly trading volume was $2,111.8 billion II, Thomson Reuters Reuters was founded in 1851, headquartered in London, Reuters, contacting more than 5,000 banks and financial institutions around the world, hundreds of Reuters, with more than 5,000 banks and financial institutions around the world, hundreds of exchanges, 24 hours a day from the headquarters of a variety of economic and financial information, customers can access at any time from foreign exchange, bonds to futures, stocks, energy, including real-time quotes of various financial markets Thomson Reuters (ThomsonReuters) is the April 17, 2008 Thomson Corporation acquired the British Reuters, the establishment of Thomson Reuters, is now the countrys largest provider of intelligence information provider, committed to providing efficient solutions for business and professionals Thomson Reuters is the worlds largest electronic foreign exchange trading platform, with its professional foreign exchange electronic trading platform FXAll Vice President of Thomson Reuters Global Region Liu Yu said in June 2015 at the Fourth Strait Financial Forum, Thomson Reuters has more than 4,000 customers, more than 80 market makers, 780 exchanges, every day Currently, Thomson Reuters cooperates with many domestic trading centers to provide them with global forex trading data. In November 2015, Thomson Reuters Group consolidated all forex trading platforms into one platform to create a single entry point to what is claimed to be the industrys largest independent forex liquidity pool. Entry Thomson Reuters customers will have access to the full suite of integrated features in FXTrading, a next-generation desktop solutionIn addition, Thomson Reuters has integrated FXallQuickTrade into ThomsonReutersEikon to facilitate small-volume forex trading for corporate treasury managersThomson Reuters reported revenue for the first quarter of 2016 of 2.79 billion, down 1% year-over-year; adjusted EBITDA reached $748 million, up 2% year-over-year; potential operating profit reached $498 million, up 8% year-over-year; and adjusted earnings per share were $0.48 For the full year 2015, average daily trading volume, including its FXall and Thomson Reuters FX spot, futures, swap options and non-deliverable forward product matching platforms trading volume of $366.7 billion; the average daily trading volume in the first quarter of 2016 was $365 billion III. Bloomberg Electronic Trading System Bloomberg entered the foreign exchange market in 2000 after forming a well-established electronic trading system (BloombergElectronicTradingSystem) By 2006, Bloombergs foreign exchange products, including news, data, conversation Tools, analysis, execution and other functions become more robust, favored by foreign exchange professionals, and really began to be widely used Bloombergs product tools are quite diverse, such as multi-bank trading platform FXGO; conversational foreign exchange trading tools IBDealing; foreign exchange professional news service FirstWordFX, etc. FXGO covers all foreign exchange products, including regulated and unregulated market As a public, bank-to-client solution, FXGO offers banks a distribution mechanism that complements their e-commerce strategies, while providing buy-side clients with best execution and efficient tools, while being commission-free for both banks and buy-side clients. According to Tod VanName, Head of Global FX and Commodities Electronic Trading at Bloomberg, a number of factors have contributed to FXGOs growth, including the fact that FXGO is the only execution platform that seamlessly integrates a range of FX solutions, enabling transparent quotes, trading solutions and risk integration through a single platform. FXGOs integrated offerings have better depth and breadth than other platforms, with liquidity from more than 500 institutions, in addition to many other features that make FXGO attractive, such as a seamless straight-through-trading model (STP) that can be customized for free, access to more than 15 algorithm providers, or the ability to bring in top-level trading from your order processing system (OMS) or Excel. OMS) or Excel to bring in hundreds of orders and other features Currently, FXGOs specific trading volume is not available, according to FXword Information projections, FXGOs average daily trading volume should be between $150-250 billion (for reference only) IV.Click365 Tokyo, one of the worlds major financial centers, has created Japan as the worlds largest foreign exchange market and has Perfect and advanced trading facilities and technology in Japan, foreign exchange margin investment can be traded in two ways, that is, exchange trading and over-the-counter trading the former is Japans well-known foreign exchange Click365, investors can login to the foreign exchange company through the exchange, and then the single through the exchange and banks, such as the aggregation transaction in 2005 the Tokyo Financial Exchange launched Click365 trading platform, created the exchange foreign exchange margin market, successfully introduced part of the over-the-counter foreign exchange margin trading into the field with the rapid development of Japans foreign exchange margin business, Click365 deposit volume hit a record high on January 6, 2016, Click365 margin deposit volume of more than 500 billion yen Click365 in December 2015 Trading volume reached 3,523,536 contracts, up 44.9% YoY