The golden key to open the door to wealth in the currency market the golden mean

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The orig cashback forexal meaning of the forextradingmarket mean forextradingtime: to divide a line segment into two parts, so that the ratio of one part to the full length is equal to the ratio of the other part to this part whose ratio is an irrational number, take the first three digits of its approximate value is forex trading session times.618 due to this ratio is designed to look very beautiful, so called the golden mean, also known as the Chinese and foreign than this is a very interesting This is a very interesting number, we use 0.618 to approximate, through a simple calculation can be found: 1/0.618 = 1.618 (1-0.618)/0.618 = 0.618 The role of this value is not only in the field of art such as painting, sculpture, music, architecture, but also in management, engineering design and other aspects have a non-negligible role nowadays it is also used in the field of investment, It can be used in foreign exchange, stocks, futures, and gold investments.  The golden mean is an ancient mathematical method for its various magical effects and magic, mathematics still does not have a clear explanation, only to find it repeatedly in the actual play our unexpected role here, we just explain how to get the golden mean, and according to its guidance for the next step in the operation of buying and selling foreign exchange The first step in drawing the golden mean is to remember a number of special numbers: 0.1910.3820.  0.1910.3820.6180.809 1.1911.3821.6181.809 2.6184.236 Among these numbers 0.382, 0.618, 1.382, 1.618 is the most important, the exchange rate is extremely easy to generate support and pressure at the golden mean generated by these four numbers The second step is to find a point where this point is the end of the upward market Of course, we know that the highs and lows here refer to a certain range and are localized. As long as we can confirm that a trend (either up or down) has ended or is temporarily over, the turning point of the trend can be used as the point for the golden mean. The golden section line In the rising market began to turn down, we are extremely concerned about, this fall will be in what position to get support Golden section is provided by the following several price levels, they are from the top of the price of this rise minus the top price minus the price of the local lows are multiplied by the special figures listed above in several For example, the chart The top of the euro this rise is 1.5905 then 1.5905-( 1.5905-1.4455)X0.382=1.5351 1.5905-(1.5905-1.4455)X0.5=1.5184 1.5905-(1.5905-1.4455)X0.618=1.5009 These values are most likely to be support, with 0.618 and 0.382 being the most likely and 08 May 22 and 23 days of the pound daily hourly chart: The graph of the GJ since 22 days ahead of the breakout of MA60 has been a few days of continuous consolidation in the 22nd from 202.8 began to upward, until the morning of the 23rd to a temporary top, began to fall back according to the golden mean law we can predict that the wave of retracement position is mainly 38.2% 50% and 61.8% (in the gold Minutes used in the 61.8 position is the most important) In fact, from the chart at a glance can see that the exchange rate will likely fall back to the location, do not we go to calculate the results in the evening of the 23rd the exchange rate from the high point back down to the golden mean of 61.8% 204.20 or so began to stop the rebound from which we can use the golden mean in the rising market retracement to find the market exit point and re-entry Similarly, in the down market began to turn up, we are concerned about the position of the rise to what will encounter pressure the golden mean provides the position is the bottom price plus the high point price minus the low point price multiplied by the above special number for example, the U.S. and Japan on August 9, 2005 112.24 began to fall, the bottom price of August 16, 109.16, then the golden mean price Is: 109.16 + (112.24-109.16) X0.382 = 110.34 109.16 + (112.24-109.16) X0.5 = 110.70 109.16 + (112.24-109.16) X0.618 = 111.06 From the chart we can see that the 50% position is also very important for the exchange rate also has a pressure effect.  Use the golden mean to determine the support or pressure level In the technical analysis of the market, the golden mean is a more commonly used analytical tool, its main role is to use the golden mean to give the support or pressure level of the exchange rate in advance, in order to be prepared to operate in advance near the possible target level The golden mean is the use of the principle of the golden ratio to analyze the market, and accordingly give the corresponding The principle of the golden mean is derived from the Fibonacci series, the well-known golden mean ratio of 0.618 is the ratio of two adjacent values in the Fibonacci series, while the more important ratios of 0.191, 0.382, 0.809, etc. are derived from this, the most common ratio of the golden mean is 0.382, 0.618, which is applied to the analysis of the stock market, It can be understood that the above ratio corresponds to the position is generally easy to produce strong support and pressure in a round of intermediate market after the end of the trend of the exchange rate will be the opposite direction of movement before, then either from the downtrend to uptrend or from the uptrend to downtrend, can be the most recent trend of the market in the important high and low point between the range of analysis, the original range of 0.191, 0.382, 0.50. 0.382, 0.50, 0.618, 0.809 divided into five golden section points, the exchange rate in the market reversal will likely encounter temporary resistance or support on these golden section points In the application of the golden section line and the percentage line need to pay attention to: for the golden section line, the two most important lines for 0.382 and 0.618 in the rebound market 0.382 position for the weak rebound target, 0.618 position for a strong rebound target and in the retracement process, if it is a strong retracement, the 0.382 line should be strong support if it is a weak retracement, 0.618 line is strong support position For example, a section of the market back support can be calculated using the following formula: a section of the market back support = a section of the market high - (a section of the market high - a section of the market low point) & pide;0.382(or 0.618)