The hidden order in all markets - the DELTA theory

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  However, a perfect order does not mean forextradingtime t cashback forex DELTA highs forex trading session times lows are perfectly accurate in time, this is not the case but they are very close to the predicted dates Looking at market activity from a DELTA perspective, the order is very obvious Once a person sees this order, he will never look at it the way he does now Now we come to the moment of truth: the secret of order is hidden in all markets. When you unlock this secret, you will immediately know why it is so…… nothing is more shocking than this. For the ITD, each colored line corresponds to the day of the full moon. We can define the ITD in 9 words: the market moves directly or indirectly in a recurring cycle once every four lunar months. This law is so simple, yet true. to discover it…. The most fundamental order of the market…... until it was discovered by forextradingmarket Solomon in the summer of 1983. Before we discuss other DELTAs, I want to talk about how Jim discovered the DELTA phenomenon. At the time, Jim was living in an apartment in Chicago, working on futures with a few other upstairs traders, but he didnt want to do it anymore, even though he was making a lot of money, because when he traded, all he could think about was trading. At that time he had written a novel that had not been published, and he wanted to make a movie, so Jim needed money to do that. But before leaving the market, he wanted to clarify one question he asked himself: Is there an order in the market?  Jim invented a method of creative thinking that he said he learned from reading Einsteins work, and incidentally, Jim spent a lot of time studying Einsteins research theories. Jims method was to forget everything he thought he knew about his subject, put aside all existing ideas, and ask only one question about the subject. Is there an order in the market?  After asking this question, Jim began to think without preconceptions about all possible answers to this question. Although the question didnt always have an answer, if it did, it often came in the early morning hours, especially around 3 a.m. About two weeks later, the question entered Jims subconscious mind, and one day while he was meditating, the answer suddenly jumped out at him So Jim got up and went to the kitchen and sat at the kitchen table and scratched away at some charts Half of them turned out very well, but half of them didnt seem to fit  Jim believed he had found part of the answer, but the final answer was not there yet. He continued the process to find the other part of the answer. This order is based on the most powerful force that determines every life…... Human life, plant life, animal life it is fundamental to all human activity Stop and think, it is easy to see that the interactive movement of the sun, the earth and the moon determines everything we do whether we are awake or asleep, whether the weather is hot or cold, the seasons, the day, the night, the moon, the year, even the tides We have all heard that when the moon is full, hospitals are crowded with women waiting to give birth. Doctors in mental hospitals also guard against the disruptive behavior of the mentally ill at this time. Whenever we look at our watches, we are following the pattern of the Sun, Moon, and Earth moving together. Although he didnt exactly know why, Jim realized that this was the answer and that order meant predictability.  Although Jim was able to confirm that 12 markets had such a sequence over the past nine months, he still needed to prove that the sequence was fixed and would not shift forward or backward relative to the color line, that the length of the sequence would not change in either the past or the future, or that there would be a slow decay in the sequence. It would take months, perhaps years, to prove that this held true for different markets and time structures. Jim is passionate about discovering patterns, but the details of the subsequent work are not his cup of tea, so the question now is what to do. If he tells the secret to potential buyers, maybe others will no longer need to buy…. The law is so simple and easy to remember on the other hand, who would want to buy it before knowing the law? It seemed like a classic 22 Rules of War paradox. Jim approached the problem as he would any other problem. Now, I know it sounds serious, but thats exactly what Jim described. Privately, Jim didnt know me. He knew me by reputation. That day, Jim called me, and our conversation was as described earlier. More legendary, the price Jim quoted me over the phone happened to be a sum of money I had received unexpectedly a day or two before this call. As we unlocked all the DELTA secrets and saw how they all fit together, we began to study each of the DELTA charts. What I revealed earlier was just one of the time structures in this incredible DELTA pattern. He showed me four charts to prove these sequences. These charts are weekly charts, which Jim calls LTD. It can be described in eight words: The market repeats itself directly or indirectly every four years. The answer is: Yes, the closest thing to this answer is the discovery of the so-called four-year economic cycle. The Dow Jones Industrial Average price chart has been studied by technical analysts for 200 years, but no one has discovered this sequence even though the market has not flipped in the last 50 years and no one has discovered that there are six DELTA turning points in which the market repeats itself directly every four years. While in Chicago, Jim also talked about a third type of DELTA, which he called STD He hadnt proven it yet because that would require day-to-day data, say a 30-minute chart Jim asked me to build on the previous one and think a little more about its logic Maybe I guessed that it must have something to do with the movement between the sun, the earth, the moon, and that the number 4 was also important Suddenly, it occurred to me that maybe the answer was…& hellip; or to put it in 8 words: The market repeats itself directly or indirectly every 4 days Jim was a little surprised that I gave an answer so quickly but, to me, that was most logical Jim thought it was correct, at least in theory But, there was still the question of how to deal with the weekend? Does the sequence run throughout the week, or does it stop counting on Friday and start again on Monday? I said I didnt know, and Jim said he didnt know, but if he figured it out, he would tell me A few months later, when Jim went to California to start shooting the movie, he called me and said that the conclusion of his thinking was that the sequence ran throughout the week A few weeks later, I flew to California with 40-minute charts of various markets Jim had rented a mansion on the beach in San Diego, and the view was beautiful Jim sat at the at the dining room table and started looking for STDs for these markets I was very surprised at how quickly Jim figured out the DELTA for each market (in later chapters we will learn how to find the DELTA for any market, any time structure) So far, we knew three kinds of DELTA… ITD, LTD, STD At that time, thats all we knew About a year later, the Jim called from Chicago and said that he had made a new discovery about DELTA, so the meeting would last two weeks, and he would explain his new discovery to everyone (including me) and in fact, all the senior members were there. Jim used two overhead projectors to display two charts on the screen Now, Ill briefly describe Jims discovery Jim said that my house is on the beach and when the tide is out it reveals a nice sandy area and when the tide is high the water rushes to the seawall from all directions My neighbor goes to the beach every day and so drew a tide table so she would know when the tide was out so she could go to the beach A few weeks ago, I left the computer for a break and saw that the tide was out. A few weeks ago, I took a break from the computer and saw these tide charts sitting next to me. I picked one up, looked at it, and put it back. Each chart was like a sine wave I noticed that there were two variables for each day: the height of the wave and the time when the peaks and troughs appeared on the chart I was looking at, and no two days were similar This naturally led to the question: How often does the same occur as today? Does this represent a