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  • 2023/2/26 7:14:10
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I overlooked an article I wrote in 2011, forex trading session times the idea of their own forex trading at cashback forex time, I feel that the friends who just entered the market will be helpful, here to copy over, also welcome the gods spit... Although it is four years ago the article, but the basic idea to now or along, just some details of the optimization ... The original article is as follows: it has been a long time, this time forextradingtime read a lot of books, feel quite a lot of gains ... Here, to sort out their own thinking ... First of all, it is clear that I do single is based on the hourly chart, of course, the sky chart also has a very important reference value, but only to the hourly chart! The biggest principle of doing single is naturally homeopathic trading, as to why homeopathic I think we should all know, since homeopathic, then how many cycles of potential, how to determine the forextradingmarket, which is the biggest problem and do single before you must first determine the direction, which is what we call the trend, only the trend is determined to know whether to do more or do short, and everyone determines the trend of different methods, some people use the average, some Some people use indicators such as MACD Others use trend lines... These can determine the trend, determine the trend of the criteria are not the same results are not the same, as long as they can withstand the test of history and can achieve a small loss and earn a large can be and I determine the trend of the method is very simple, is the definition of the trend: the high and low constantly rising for the uptrend, constantly decreasing for the downtrend, unchanged for the consolidation here I want to say more about the structure of the market, a market either up, or down, or consolidation. Either down, or consolidation, take the rise, the overall view is up, that we do more, but the market can not go straight up and down, there are up and down, just up the power than down the power to form an upward trend, in which up the wave we call the main wave, down the wave for the adjustment wave, the main wave and adjustment wave together constitute a trend, in the main wave and adjusting waves can be divided into smaller waves, and this smaller waves we can ignore because the randomness is too strong, the movement of the market is composed of these three kinds of fluctuations, we want to focus on the overall trend and here leads to a for the determination of the trend when the largest and most difficult a problem: we know that in the uptrend, when the price can not make a new high and adjust the wave down to break the last Adjustment wave low, we can determine the beginning of a downtrend, and when the last main wave for the complex main wave, the low of the last adjustment wave is not the only one, this depends on experience to determine, can also be regarded as a new trend, when the price breaks again this new trend that time the market is very clear... As for the trend to say so much, after all, the core of technical analysis is to find and track the trend, and many people have a misconception that they try to study all kinds of new technology to measure the next hour or even the next minute and the next second of the trend, but ignore one of the most basic and most regular trend, I think it is also impossible, in these days of review I found that many times in the hourly chart will appear half More than a month of very obvious unilateral trend, this trend found to boldly follow, and it is easy to follow, when there is such a market must be bold to intervene and hold positions until the trend reversal ... But many times the market will be a consolidation trend or a very small section of the trend, so my advice is in the trend of uncertainty try to reduce the number of times to do single, because this market is the easiest time to lose money, and we just need to catch every time the real unilateral trend can be... After the trend is determined, the next problem is the entry point since the trend is determined, then do a single more or less choice is determined, then   we wait is the trend of retracement when the entry, that is, the adjustment wave, the main wave is our profit wave, the adjustment wave is our entry wave, if the market does not appear to adjust the best not to trade, because that becomes a single chase, and the single chase is not good very I may buy in the highest my single principle is to adjust the wave, in the important support or resistance K counter pattern intervention! If the hourly chart does not appear K counter pattern, then the strong support resistance can only be said to be potential, only the appearance of K counter pattern, support or resistance to be confirmed! And there are many kinds of K anti form, my understanding is that the K-line interruption and continuous, continuous K-line is interrupted, the old trend is in trouble, and a single K-line can also be seen in the contrast between long and short power, this really needs experience and disk sense... Here we need to remind you that the relationship between the K form and support resistance is a sufficient and necessary condition, that is,  K form only appears in the support resistance is the most reliable form, can also be used as the basis for our orders, and in the support resistance for only the K form can also confirm the effectiveness of this support resistance the next problem is the issue of stop-loss, and stop-loss settings Also according to the amount of their own funds, the success rate of the single, the control of the position, and even the reliability of the market to judge, but the most basic principle is that the less the stop loss the more worthwhile to place a single, because foreign exchange is a game of probability, theoretically the price up and down may be 50%, and what we want to do is to small losses to bo big profits, that is, a very small part of their own funds to bo the 50% of the Probability, really realize the small bo big, limit the loss, let the profit run ... See many people do not want to set a stop loss, in fact, this is a weakness of human nature, that is, do not want to accept losses! Many people do a single only set a small stop profit and not set a stop loss, but many times can stop profit, but there is a loss will be a big loss! Stop loss is a way to protect ourselves, but also we go to trade a cost, so it is necessary to set... The next problem is the problem of exit, theoretically, as long as the money, when out can be, but how to go about achieving a small profit or let the profits run, you need a scientific method of exit if you want to follow the trend, then hold your position until the trend reverses... Because we do not know when the trend to last, only the trend issued a reversal signal we know that the trend has reversed, of course, also to try the situation depends, some times the market is up, but the oscillation up, each retracement of the range of 80%, this situation, of course, according to the channel line and K anti to let the profits in the bag, but the trend is strong, you must patiently wait for the trend issued a reversal signal and then out of the field ... As for the class of money management I will not say here, because everyones principles and character is different, so the practice is certainly not the same, but the most basic principle is the most important use of money management is that when the market appears and they want to be different when their own funds will not be too big impact ... Then add a sentence: to stabilize profits is not difficult, relying on technical analysis, the essence of stable profits on four words: how to achieve small losses earn big, you think about the last say some of my mentality, on eight words: meditation patience calm and open! Meditation analysis patience and other opportunities to enter the field after the price fluctuations calmly and openly accepted by the stop loss!