The so-called QQ shout single group just gathered a group of rookies only

  • 2023/2/26 10:31:43
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forextradingmarket added a lot of foreign exchange group, began not to underst forex trading session times, always feel expert a lot, and now do foreign exchange also have half a year time, and now re-examine these people, feel good leek to say I often see in the group of some words and phenomenon 1: I said a sentence "I do more than a certain currency pair ", then someone picked up, "I also did, where do you see?" Where do you see, th forextradingtime sentence, very common, to put it bluntly is the question of the take profit point, I generally see who said cashback forex sentence, I basically no longer want to talk with its more since I choose to do more, is bound to the currency pair hold rising expectations, the market has just risen a few points, you asked me to see where, you ask me, how do I know, can rise to where do you have to give precise figures? In this case, is there a more correct approach than a quiet position? Phenomenon 2: short shout single, various groups of the most delightful things, gold 1320 short single, 1323 stop loss, 1310 stop gain for this, I just laugh and do not want to say more, can shout out the single that can be called a single? Flip a coin and 50% of the correct rate phenomenon 3: group of a certain god repeatedly stressed to do a single to follow the trend, follow the trend, up to buy, down to sell this is the most speechless to me a nonsense this sentence itself no problem, the key is that you just said this in front, and later in the pursuit of instant disc a few points of poor interest, let people feel funny phenomenon 4: smarty-pants to close the position that the backhand, this kind of players are commonplace. Close the position when you have to emphasize that I am not greedy, the bag for peace, after closing, think, uh, it is time to reverse, the backhand single in my opinion, this is not only not greedy, and this greed reveals stupidity and fear phenomenon 5: all the views are used to their own single is correct, that is, after the single, how to see themselves are right, macd, abcd, wave, Bollinger, RSI, a bunch of theories used up. RSI this bunch of theory all use up to prove that I am sure this a single will not be wrong, and at the same time stressed that do not predict the market in my opinion, predict the market is necessary, but to see when to predict, and what is the content of the forecast, not to predict the hour, four hours, is up or down, that is in the guess my heart definition of the forecast, but based on the plate, observe the size of the cycle, and then make the most Reasonable market projection, nothing more than more and less and entry point, the other, need to predict it? Phenomenon 6: a variety of elite trader, in the hands of a few hundred thousand funds, large to hundreds of millions of funds, and then in the group to send a screenshot, how much money, and how much, A God earned, B God also earned, rarely found a loss, the original, the group of experts like a cloud, 98% are winning, and are making big money, I am still too young China so many winning trader, how do I understand so little, so powerful, why not even a FX trader? So powerful, why even a FXBOOK address are afraid to go on, every day on the screenshot? Even heard someone say so, our team is a rule, the observation account is not to give others, unless you open an account in me, before someone took our observation account to cheat people ...... I laugh at the phenomenon 7, 8, 9 ....... Too much too much, I have been powerless to spit, really, to my only feeling is vulgar I go to censure others, not inevitably also seems villainous, but I have to say that the current state of this business is really pandemonium I decided to go to the group less in the future to listen to a group of leeks in that high talk, waste of time the best practice is to read more books, read the books written by real profitable people, more experience, whether based on technical aspects or fundamentals The best way to avoid vulgarity and go farther is to read the books written by real profitable people, whether they are based on technical or fundamental aspects, and to comprehend the ideas that the masters really want to express thoroughly, and at the same time apply them to the real operation!