The strategy theory test - bottom position - lock single - add code - change month - close trading strategy full analysis

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any manipulation strategy forex trad forextradingtimeg session times based on a certain market analysis, forextradingmarket your analysis method is unified so-called plate sense and intuition is not possible as a guide and basis for manipulation manipulation strategy must be combined with the analysis method, out of the analysis method of manipulation strategy is not with the practical meaning of many manipulation The top of the top of the bottom and touch as a profound lesson in failure is excluded from the trading strategy, but for me, the bottom and touch the top is the basis and key because of my analysis to determine the market turning point, so my trading strategy and homeopathic trading strategy is very different steps may be the same, but the connotation is different my trading strategy by the trial, bottom position, lock single, add code, change the month, close several steps composed of a In our analysis, the turning point of the market is generally exact and will generally appear as expected in accordance with our predictions, while some times due to a market turning point it appears out of our expected position. We cant be sure whether its turn level has been elevated, that is to say, the big turn may happen earlier than our prediction because we cant be completely sure for the big turn point, so use the trial strategy, the turn point limit price for the stop loss level stop loss is not a trading strategy, but throughout the operation of the trading principle no matter how confident we are in our own analysis method, but there is no guarantee We can maintain an objective and calm mind every moment when we make a mistake, we use the stop loss to correct the error only stop loss to prevent the fluke mentality because it is a trial, so ready to escape position escape is an important precautionary measure of the trial strategy escape position there are two kinds: one is a stop loss, the other is a stop gain because the trial is not in the exact and undoubtedly big trend turning point to open a position, so must be in the next turning point on the big trend Turning to confirm, if this turning point is not to strengthen the big trend turning, but to strengthen the previous trend, then take profit taking measures trial plate not to win, the key is still to calm the mind whether the trial plate is successful or not, to reduce the emotions of loss and gain has a depressing effect sometimes, the loss of an important opportunity than to do wrong more painful II, the bottom position strategy: bottom position strategy is in the big trend turning when the undercover or ambush Top operation strategy, open a position of more than 10% of the capital, generally controlled at about 20%, to the turning point limit price for the stop-loss level trial and bottom position are open operations, but the difference is very big four main differences: First, the judgment of the turn of the trend is different trial based on the possibility of judgment, bottom position based on the inevitability of judgment two is a different mentality trial although the possibility of becoming a bottom position, but ready to escape position bottom position although also Emphasis on stop loss, but the stop loss is only a precautionary measure, regardless of the market changes, never more than profit three is the amount of different positions trial plate position light, bottom position position heavy bottom position position is four times the trial plate four is the purpose of different trial plate to calm the mind, bottom position to win as the goal bottom position has a pivotal role, is the basis for subsequent operations and confidence bottom position operation is generally in the turn of the trend area to implement the layout strategy of the batch into the market generally speaking, the general trend Turning a single day V-shaped reversal pattern is not much, most will form a large or small momentum process, sometimes this process is quite long and dull bottom position operation due to the volume of heavy positions, if a commitment to endure this long process psychological burden is heavier so generally in three times to complete the layout first in the turn of the day into, capital for the bottom position amount of 50% of the second in the back test turning point into, capital for the bottom 25% of the amount of positions the third time in the turn potential form breakthrough day to enter, the funds for the remaining 25% of the bottom position amount of the bottom position can not reach the planned target, after the layout of the position list is also reduced accordingly, but this is the principle that must be observed therefore I do not like V-shaped reversal although V-shaped reversal to make money fast, but V-shaped reversal to make money few turn potential area run time is not long, the smaller the level of potential run time is shorter but some super potential, especially the big bull bottom, turn potential area run time is not long. Especially the big bull bottom, turning potential area running time is very long, so in the process of holding on to the bottom single to have the mentality of perseverance to the end, after the stop-loss level is set, any of the things north and south wind, I do not move wine field warfare of not moving like a mountain is in this kind of state should be used when the mind method if short term manipulation such as lightning war, grasp the best time, a sword to seal the throat, a blow that is gone, then the long term manipulation is like a protracted war, is the strategy If we say that the short term manipulation such as a blitzkrieg, grasp the timing of the sword, a strike is gone, then the long term manipulation such as a protracted war, is the strategy, courage, confidence, will of the long-term struggle, especially in the bottom of the stage, due to the lack of floating profit protection, only the stop loss price as a psychological line of defense, non-consolidation of the determination of the city is difficult to do a lot of homeopathic manipulation strategy are to open a position for the breakthrough, on the one hand, to wait until the trend is confirmed, on the other hand, is to avoid the hard and excellent process of consolidation of the city This is also the shortcomings of undercover and voodoo In my opinion, there are two kinds of lockout: one is active lockout, the other is passive lockout passive lockout is due to do a single wrong direction, in order to prevent losses continue to expand and forced to lockout operation active lockout is the opposite, in the judgment of the market has a secondary counter direction movement based on the lockout operation to lock profits and unlock the passive lockout is a problem to take passive lockout Operation rather than stop-loss operation, which shows that the market is not clear or have a fluke mentality stop loss is a quick and easy way to start fresh and passive lockout because of the psychological burden on the back, more heavily affected by the loss mentality so the best strategy is rather chop not lock, even if the chop is wrong to chop our lockout operation is active lockout take active lockout strategy rather than profit closing strategy because the lockout strategy is more advantageous The first is to keep the bottom single, the psychological advantage of having a floating profit bottom single generally will not be easy to close the position plus the bottom single floating profit for psychological support second is the cumulative volume of positions have the advantage of locking the profit space is greater of course, if you have a superb mindset and self-control, you can also close the new single position after the operation to reach the cumulative volume of positions after the lock operation plus the code but this kind of operation trampled on the rules of risk control, the more The more success will fuel the expansion of greed a foul fluke will bring a number of foul fluke, and finally deeper and deeper in the risk market, trampling on the rules is tantamount to digging your own grave lock strategy has two purposes one is not to win, only to avoid the fluctuations of the mentality of the oscillation area second is to maximize profits, the long term operation banding to achieve the first purpose is relatively much easier, do not have to count the location of the lock position, the profit The second purpose is not so easy, first to determine the two limits of the oscillation box, and then in the vicinity of these two limits to lock, unlock, and even add code operation This has higher requirements for your analysis method Sometimes, the money earned from the lock operation will exceed the trend profit, but if there is no trend profit (bottom float) as a guarantee, lock single Therefore, the bottom of the position, no matter how hard to hold on to is worth four, plus code strategy: do not know the harm of the code will not know the benefits of the code! From a certain point of view, the code is more difficult to operate than the bottom position for our analysis method, the difficulty of the bottom position operation is not in the judgment of the turn of the trend, but in the process of holding on to the market after the code difficulty is in the grasp of the timing of the code sometimes, the trend runs in twists and turns, the code position will be improper in todays stop tomorrows stop back and forth in the rapid oscillation into passive, and even the bottom position of the floating surplus is all swallowed, into a floating loss Sometimes, the trend of movement painful, momentum like a rainbow, waiting for a good entry position and missed opportunities to add code in two ways: one is the point method, one is the form method each has its own point method according to the trend up or down how many points to add a code points are fixed different varieties of fixed points different advantages is conducive to grasp the momentum of rapid movement disadvantage is that in the face of the oscillations in the trend of a twist and turn to have The pattern method is based on the market pattern of the trend run plus code trend is composed of secondary box pattern method is generally in the oscillation box top and bottom each add code once in the uptrend, after determining the box, first in the box bottom add code once, then in the box top breakthrough add code once in the downtrend, the opposite, after determining the box, first in the box top add code once, then in the box bottom breakthrough add code once pattern method The advantage of the code position is better, easy to stop loss disadvantage is not easy to grasp the rapid movement of the trend of the two methods of the code is the same amount, in a pyramid layout, the amount of the bottom position as the bottom of the pyramid, according to the 0.618 golden mean in decreasing order our code strategy using the form method but in order to better grasp the rapid movement of the trend, after the judgment of the big trend turn, the first solution is the trend movement pattern, according to Whether the trend movement pattern to develop a strategy to increase the size of the trend or a rapid movement of the trend, its occurrence, development to the end, are in accordance with a certain market beat to run, the important top and bottom turning point generally fall on the beat point whether lock or increase the size of the market pattern is only one of the judgment basis, but to find a better position in and out, must be combined with the beat point to operate the beat point is the most critical basis for judgment. is one of the most critical basis for judgment beat point is the most important market support and resistance in the uptrend, if the beat point at the bottom, it will become the driving force of the trend forward; if at the top, it will become the trend forward resistance in the downtrend, the bottom beat point and the top beat point on the trend of the promotion and resistance role is the opposite of the beat point under the observation, the market pattern of false breakthrough will be Therefore, the stop-loss operation after the mark-up is generally not based on the market pattern to determine, but according to the market beat to determine the limit price of the beat point is the stop-loss level V. Change of month strategy: how long is the long term is suitable for our long term operation? Trading cycle is a problem that every investor must solve based on what to determine your trading cycle? In fact, whether long term, short term or swing, in essence, are swing operations, only the long term operation of the swing trading cycle is longer, short term operation of the swing trading cycle is shorter than the long and short are relative concepts, not an absolute choice of how long the trading cycle, generally based on your character and analysis methods to determine the trading cycle determines your style of trading although we boast that they are long term trading. But not according to the market bull and bear to determine the trading cycle for small levels of market shocks, we operate through a lock strategy, on the one hand, to avoid shocks, on the one hand, to expand profits for large levels of the opposite direction of movement, we will change our trading direction any major trends are composed of secondary trends and secondary boxes due to our long trading cycle, some secondary trends are actually fast movement trend but for the entire uptrend, to complete the entire trading cycle, during which it is impossible not to carry out a change of month operation Our change of month operation is carried out in two steps The first step is to carry out a change of month by adding a code operation, that is, adding a code to a forward contract Adding a code for a change of month in addition to achieving the purpose of a change of month, but also to achieve the role of replacing the bottom position after the closing of the bottom position to set the militarys mind The second step is to close the bottom position for a change of month when the trend is underway, you can be in the recent contract Close out operations and forward contract open operations at the same time, to achieve a hard landing for the month in the oscillation box, to select the right time to change the month, the most suitable time is after the unlocking point to the next lock point before the lock point, the lock point to the unlock point is not suitable between six, close strategy: In fact, for our analysis method, close strategy is not important before a trading cycle unfolded, we based on the analysis of long-term market judgment We have said in the trend theory, any trend from the beginning to the end, there is a momentum, breakthrough, consolidation, sprint to the demise of the process but, sometimes, the demise does not occur before the turn of the trend, but after the turn to determine whether a trend ends, the key is still In the trend of running the market beat when a market beat is completed, the big trend turn is naturally approaching Therefore, close the position is not in the strategy, but in the analysis If analysis is the swordsmanship, then the strategy is the heart sword Zen unity not only in your heart, but also in your sword what kind of swordsmanship to match what kind of heart method, rather than first have the heart method and then to match the swordsmanship These manipulation strategies are only for their own swordsmanship And made, but also seems quite rough, but also need to be refined through the quenching of the actual battle Yue Fei has a cloud: the use of the magic, the existence of a heart strategy is dead, just like the military law, just some basic laws of the rules and regulations, the use of good or bad, the key lies in your realm of the market situation, there is the realm of looking up, flat realm, the realm of looking down if you can cultivate the realm of looking down, beyond the market fluctuations, what else can not become your sharp weapon it!