What are the forex short term indicators What indicators do you look for in forex short term

  • 2023/2/26 15:10:23
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What are the forex short term forextradingmarketdicators? What are the forex short term indicators? The main means to analyze the market for cashback forex forex trading session times short term trading forextradingtime technical analysis, which requires investors to master certain technical indicators of the use of the way, the following small foreign exchange short term trading in some of the common technical indicators to do a little introduction 1, volume: the volume of the release of the night, which means the increase in the rate of change, the average cost of positions, the upper gear pressure is to reduce, the exchange rate will continue to rise sometimes, in farmers The chip lock excellent situation, the exchange rate may also shrink upward, but the shrink upward place will not last too long, otherwise the average cost of positions can not be increased, the pressure to sell the night, the foreign exchange lack of sustained upward momentum is, short term operation must choose the volume of foreign exchange, the bottom of the volume of foreign exchange should be paid particular attention to 2, graphics: foreign exchange short term trading, in addition to the volume should be highly positive, should also look at the graphics There are several graphs worthy of high attention: W bottom, head and shoulders bottom arc bottom, platform, rising channel, etc. W bottom, head and shoulders bottom, arc bottom volume break neckline level, should be a buying opportunity here are two points must pay high attention to, one is the necessary volume break for useful break no volume with the break is a false break, the exchange rate is often agile return to the start level two is the break in the low price of the reliability is higher, the high level Volume break is likely to be farmers to create a "long trap attached" to lure retail investors to follow the wind, so as to achieve the goal of shipping many times, breaking the neckline level, there is often a pullback confirmation, which can also be used as a good opportunity to open positions; exchange rate platform liquidation, the volatility is getting smaller and smaller, especially at low levels even received a few crosses or a few small positive, the exchange rate will often Choose to break upward; adopt the rising channel of foreign exchange, you can buy when the exchange rate touches the lower rail, especially when the lower rail is the ten-day, twenty-day average, sell when the exchange rate touches the upper rail In addition, there are flag clearing box clearing two major graphics, the operation of the know-how and W bottom about the same, here no longer state 3, craft indicators: the foreign exchange market of all kinds of craft indicators countless, at least a thousand, they have their own The investors cant have everything, they only need to be familiar with a few of them can be commonly used art indicators such as KDJ, RSI, etc. In general, K value in the low (20% or so) 2 times through the D value, is a better buying opportunity; in the high (80% or more) 2 times through the D value, the formation of a dead cross, is a better selling opportunity RSI indicator in 0-20, foreign exchange is oversold, can open positions; in 80-100 is overbought, the formation of a dead cross, is a better selling opportunity 80-100 when it is overbought, can close the position is worth pointing out that the craft indicator is the most night lack of lag, using it as the only reference scale will often bring more night error good many strong springs, the indicator high blunt, but the exchange rate still continues to soar; good many weak springs, the indicator has been at a low level, but the exchange rate is still negative more than and farmers manipulate the craft indicator, often into the goods when the indicator made a pandemonium, when the shipments The indicator is nearly perfect, manipulating the indicator to cheat is simply a common market-making tactic of farmers, therefore, in the application of craft indicators, must be integrated with all aspects of the situation, especially the volume of the relationship between price and deep analysis 4, the average: short term operations generally refer to five days, ten days, twenty days three averages five-day average on the penetration of the ten-day average, twenty-day average, ten-day average on the penetration of the twenty-day average, called the Golden Cross, is a buying opportunity; On the contrary, it is called a dead fork, is a selling opportunity three averages are up enumerated called the long enumeration, is a strong indication of the spring, the exchange rate drawdown back to five days, ten days, twenty-day average is a buying opportunity (pay attention, necessarily if the drawdown drawdown) fact should be in the drawback which averages buy, should depend on the trend of the spring and the night market; three averages are down enumerated called the short enumeration, is a weak indication should not be involved in foreign exchange Short-term trading, the exchange rate plunges, short term experts should not only learn to take profits, should also learn the same major tools: cut meat have the courage to intervene in foreign exchange short term trading, have the courage to admit defeat foreign exchange technical indicators there are many, many investors can not fully grasp, in the selection of technical indicators to do foreign exchange short term trading market analysis, investors should choose the right, they can use the skilled Technical indicators to use do not have to be all-inclusive, but to use their own mastery of the method to use a good