What are the functions of the foreign exchange market

  • 2023/2/26 15:12:27
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The function of the forextradingtime forex trading session times cashback forex is mainly in three aspects, one is to achieve the international transfer of purchasing power, the second is to provide capital financing, three is to provide foreign exchange preservation forextradingmarket speculation market mechanism 1, to achieve the international transfer of purchasing power International trade and international capital financing involves at least two currencies, and different currencies to different countries to form the purchasing power, which requires the currency of the country to exchange into foreign currency to clear the creditor-debtor relationship The foreign exchange market is in the foreign exchange market to carry out the foreign exchange market is to provide the purchasing power transfer transactions to carry out the economic mechanism, it exists so that a variety of potential foreign exchange sellers and foreign exchange buyers will be able to contact when the foreign exchange market exchange rate changes so that the supply of foreign exchange is exactly equal to the demand for foreign exchange, all the potential sale and purchase wishes are met The foreign exchange market is in equilibrium, so that the foreign exchange market provides a mechanism for the international transfer of purchasing power at the same time, because of the developed communication tools have been linked to the foreign exchange market in the world as a whole, so that currency exchange and remittance of funds can be completed in a very short period of time, the transfer of purchasing power has become rapid and convenient 2, to provide capital financing The foreign exchange market to international traders to provide capital financing Facilitate the foreign exchange deposit and loan business concentrates the social idle funds of each country, so as to be able to transfer the balance, accelerate the capital turnover foreign exchange market for the smooth international trade to provide a guarantee, when the importer does not have enough cash to pick up the goods, the exporter can issue a bill of exchange to the importer, allowing deferred payment, while the way to discount bills will be sold bills of exchange, get back the money for goods foreign exchange market facilitates the function of capital financing also promotes the International lending and international investment activities are carried out smoothly in the United States issued by the treasury bills and government bonds in a large part by foreign official institutions and enterprises to buy and hold, this securities investment in the case of foreign exchange market is unthinkable 3, to provide foreign exchange preservation and speculation mechanism In the foreign exchange-denominated transactions in the international economic transactions, both sides of the transaction are facing foreign exchange risk due to market participants to foreign exchange risk The different judgment and preference of the market participants, some participants prefer to spend a certain cost to transfer the risk, while some participants are willing to take the risk to achieve the expected profit thus resulting in foreign exchange preservation and foreign exchange speculation two different behavior in the gold standard and fixed exchange rate system, foreign exchange rate is basically stable, and thus will not form the need and possibility of foreign exchange preservation and speculation and floating exchange rate, the function of the foreign exchange market The further development of the foreign exchange market, the existence of the foreign exchange market that hedgers provide a hedge against foreign exchange risks, and speculators provide the opportunity to take risks and profits