What are the important economic data that may have an impact on the market (2)

  • 2023/2/26 15:18:25
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The follow forex trading session timesg content mainly from the U.S. economy to explain the various important economic forextradingmarket forextradingtime the way to influence the market, the other currency countries mainly explain the often extraordinarily influential data consumer spending data consumer spending accounts for more than 70% of the GPD, a sustained and stable consumer spending signals a healthy economy, consumer spending data mainly include retail cashback forex and durable goods sales at the same time take into account Consumer confidence, **** and other data have a greater impact on consumer spending, so they are also included in this type of data to form the analysis chain retail sales U.S. consumer demand has been one of the decisive factors in economic development, retail sales include all stores engaged in retail business in cash or credit sales of goods total retail sales reflected in consumer spending is generally about 50% of the overall consumer spending, and Just mentioned that consumer spending accounts for more than 70% of GDP, so retail sales account for about 35% of GDP, which determines that retail sales have a particularly direct effect on reflecting the state of social consumption and the overall economic situation, so the changes in retail sales data have a great impact on the growth of the U.S. economy, is one of the key economic data for foreign exchange investment durable goods sales conventional durable goods, housing, automobiles, etc. can be Since these durable goods are of high value and long duration, their sales can largely reflect consumers confidence in the U.S. economy for the next period of time, from which their other spending intentions can be inferred Consumer Confidence Index Consumer confidence index more directly reflects consumers views on economic growth prospects, and will also directly affect changes in spending Focusing on the Consumer Confidence Index, one should pay more attention to the University of Michigan Consumer Confidence Index, which is conducted by the University of Michigan three times a month, and the sample size of the survey increases each time, so the University of Michigan Consumer Confidence Index released at the end of the month is very illustrative and tends to have a greater impact on average hourly earnings Average hourly and weekly earnings are a measure of the salary level of workers in the private non-agricultural sector The hourly earnings data reflects the change in the base wage rate per hour and reflects the increase in bonuses for overtime work Through this data, the trend in industry salary cost changes can be reflected earlier, and the increase in workers income contributes to the increase in consumer spending; at the same time, this data also has some auxiliary indication of the change in inflation Production data Manufacturing and industrial production, which is the core basis of U.S. economic growth ISM manufacturing index ISM (American Society for Supply Management) manufacturing index consists of a series of sub-indexes, including the most representative purchasing managers index The index is a barometer reflecting the comprehensive development of the manufacturing industry in production, orders, prices, employees, delivery and other aspects of the barometer, usually to 50 as the threshold, above 50 is considered to be the manufacturing industry in expansion, below 50 is means that the manufacturing industry is shrinking, affecting the pace of economic growth